Sunday, June 13, 2010

L.A.Girl Metal:Trilogy

Yet another colour I bought just for the name.It didn't even have a swatch on the website.I just figured that if I didn't like it, my niece Nuni would love it.She has very indiscriminate tastes when it comes to cosmetics. I'm really glad I took a chance on Trilogy because it's actually quite stunning.It has the same high-gloss metallic shine as Obsidian,but with more of a foily finish.The base colour is a sparkly deep magenta with silver micro-shimmer. Beautiful! I've worn this colour several times because I adore it. It applies really well and is dry to the touch in a surprisingly fast amount of time.The best thing about this colour is its pigment.I only used one coat for this photo! Now that's awesome :)

                                                          outdoors no flash.

This song is my current favourite.I have always admired Alicia Keys for her talent,not to mention her sophistication and class.She's amazing. I also love the video.The first time I saw it I squealed and shouted "Oh,my gosh! That's Tristan from Gilmore Girls!"(i love that show!) The actor's name escapes me at the moment,but I always thought he was cute. As for the subject matter,I wish I could say we're all past the old days of racial discrimination.Unfortunately we haven't. It's just  very well concealed. A few years ago I went out to dinner with a  male friend.We were laughing and having a good time,thinking nothing of it.That is,until the server approached us and said, "Excuse me,but are you all dating?" My first thought was A) None of your damn business, and B)Is it a big deal if we are? I was all set to school her about how we are all just people and who we choose to spend our time with shouldn't be an issue for anyone else. But instead I responded like any snarky,know-it all would. "No. He's my brother." She smiled awkwardly and walked away,and my blonde,blue eyed friend and I burst into laughter. I'm still surprised at how antiquated some peoples' opinions about inter-ethnic relationships are. As far as I'm concerned, love is love. So relax, people!

Have a wonderful day!
Ginger-who thinks sometimes people just need to mind their own business.


  1. Now that is one helluva polish on you. Suits you to bits!!!!

  2. Thats actually a very nice color you bought just for the name!

  3. to be honest, i dont really care for alicia keys new stuff (i prefer her first two albums), but i do agree with you on people who still have antiquated opinions on interracial relationships- there is one race, the human race.

  4. Gorgeous polish. I had this whole collection out today. Instead I choose to wear OPI's Sea I Told You So. That's a fantastic shade on you. You should have said "What's it to you?". Gosh people are so rude. Ah, my answer wasn't as good as what you said!


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