Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Been A While...

....Since I've done one of these!
I was in the mood for something funky and fun,so I decided to do this animalistic konad using image plate M57.The base colour is Color Club Revvvolution and the stamp is konad special polish in pink.I'm still having issues with aligning the stamper correctly,but my mistakes are always happy accidents that still look pretty decent.

At least I think they do.

Thanks for stopping by :)
Ginger-who is looking forward to the World Cup!


  1. Love this look. I was just looking through my drawer of Color Club polishes early this morning. As in 2 AM and should have been sleeping. I picked this up and thought I should wear this again. I really love that shade. But, I have so many untrieds that I returned it to the drawer. I still have on Tuxedo Shirt by BB Couture and I just had very minimal tip wear. I saw my bottle of Hidden Treasure and couldn't resist. My nails look even more gorgeous.

  2. Really great combo. Love it,


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