Saturday, June 5, 2010

Geek Week: Pretty In Pink

There are a few enduring truths from 80's pop culture.In my opinion they are:

#1. Molly Ringwald was queen of the outcasts.
#2 John Hughes made teen films that were interesting even if you couldn't relate.
3.Andie should have chosen Ducky.
4.James Spader in any 80's film=douchebag.
5.The best show on TV was the Cosby Show.

Which brings me to the topic of today's Geek Week post...Pretty in Pink!

I loved John Hughes "teen" movies.The protagonists were always young and awkward (and Molly Ringwald) The antagonists were always snobs,jocks,teachers,or parents who just didn't understand. And the endings were always more or less happy ones.
Except for Pretty in Pink,when Andie chooses bland, rich-boy Blane (ugh,even his name is uninteresting) instead of her awesome,quirky,best (guy) friend forever,Ducky. I love this movie,but my personal John Hughes favourite is Sixteen Candles because Jake Ryan  was waaay better than stupid Blane.He was cuter too. (Sorry-I'm regressing back to my 14 year-old mindset :P)
But, Pretty in Pink does have two amazing scene-stealers in Iona,played by Annie Potts and Steff ,played with smarmy glee by James Spader. My favourite Iona quote? "Andie, hon. Listen, it's after 7:00. Don't waste good lip gloss". Word.

What I liked about this movie is,that even though it was about a group of suburban white kids, (which,I am obviously not :P) ,the overall themes of the film (accepting who you are,learning not to care what others think of you,finding the right guy to take to the dance in your  fabulous,homemade,re-fashioned dress) are universal.

Don't worry,there's make up too. I chose Quirius Chasity (I hate the spelling,but whatever.) Because it is a beautiful,vibrant pink creme and it is perfectly suited for this topic (I'm trying to tie it all in folks!) My pics make it look cool,but it's a tad warmer in person.Three coats with no base or topcoat with smooth application.Well,aside from the fact that I slopped it on 'cause I was rushing.

indoors no flash (ignore my sloppy painting)

And because I'm a geek; Pretty in Pink by the Psychedelic Furs!

Have a Happy Saturday!
Ginger-who went to school with a guy named Dong and thought about saying "Dong,where is my automobile?" every time I saw him.It's a good thing I have a mental filter.


  1. Pretty in Pink is my favorite Hughes film and I love Ducky. My favorite scene is him dancing around the record shop! I love the ridiculous 80's fashion.

    That is a gorgeous pink cream, looks like it applied nice which I always find isn't common in light pinks.

  2. This colour looks so good on you! But now I have the urge to rush out and hire Pretty in Pink!

  3. Oh, how I love those movies! The music was always really rad too.
    Glad to se some Quirius love going on. They have some gorgeous colors!

  4. Fabulous color on you and it nails Pretty in Pink. I prefered 16 Candles too. Mostly because I prefer my dose of teen reality with some humour (cuz in real life I make jokes all the time). "Dongger need food!" LMAO And I agree Jake was way cuter ;)

  5. Great color!

    Love that movie! best scene is when Ducky preforms Otis Reddings "try a little tenderness"

  6. Beautiful shade of pink on you. I've never used this brand. I have a long list of shades that I want. What messy nails? If you want to see messy just look my way.


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