Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BB Couture Mendocino Midnight:Take Two

Hello all! Today I have a re-do of a previous swatch.I didn't like the way that one turned out.Seriously.I'm not even linking it.
I did this mani a few weeks ago,just before I trimmed my nails for the umpteenth time.I swear,my nails grow so fast, they have to be filed or clipped every single week! Craziness.

Anyway, Mendocino Midnight is a gorgeous dark teal with pink shimmer and multicoloured micro-glitter.It's a stunner,that I didn't represent properly the first time around.

Two coats,not base or topcoat.

So how have you all been? I feel like such a lazy-arse when I take more than 3 days to update here! That's mostly because I am being a lazy-arse,opting for sleep rather than posting.Oh well,we all need sleep right?

In other news,I'll be choosing a winner for my giveaway soon!
Because my brain is filled with useless information,I completely forgot to provide an end date on my original post. Duh.
The giveaway ends on June 14Th at 12am EST so you still have a few days left to enter.
Good Luck!

Ginger-who has also been eating copious amounts of ice cream.At supper.Don't tell my mom.


  1. I always thought MM was blue-black. Well, I was wrong. Shame really because I want it now and I didn't before.

  2. I haven't seen many swatches of this one. It really is gorgeous!

  3. wow no top coat ?? looks soo cool ! :D

  4. Gorgeous! I love that the pink shimmer is unexpected in the teal shade. Looks gorgeous on you. Wish my nails grew so fast. I just did them last night and I have 4 nails with little peels on them. I thought I was all finished with that mess. I could cut them way down and be done with it. I just can't do that right now. Since I saw you nails in Tuxedo Shirt I had to put it on. It is gorgeous and I love the shimmer in it. It was very streaky for me. The third coat evened it all up. I still had a couple of spots I didn't like so I added a fourth coat. I keep looking at my nails under the light. Love it.


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