Sunday, June 27, 2010

BB Couture For Men Formal Collection

I do believe this is my first full collection post. How exciting!

 I wanted to save it for a company that I am obsessed with.  *ahem*  Or just one that I really like :)
For me,BB Couture has been consistently fantastic. I love everything about them.From their array colours,to their formula,and their bottle design (especially the men's ones-I love square bottles!) This is the fifth men's collection they've released, only this time with a decidedly academic and formal theme. Just in time for grad season.

Take a look!

Award Medal

An antique gold shimmer.It looks more taupe at certain light angles,but it's definitely gold.This is 2 coats indoors no flash

more taupe at this angle


I love this colour!  It's a dusky greyish-purple shimmer.Or is it a purple-ish-grey?Either way, this is one of my favourites.It's in the same colour family as Jessica Venus Was Her Name,but Incognito is cooler-toned.

Three coats

indoors with flash

Dress Rehearsal

Another stunner! A classy sage green shimmer.A little more frosty than the other colours in this collection,but not disgustingly so. Gorgeous :)
3 coats

with flash


If Award Medal is an antique gold,Ceremony is definitely an antique green. It has a brownish base with green iridescent shimmer,giving it a subtle duochrome effect. This one goes to the "favourites" pile as well.
3 coats

with flash

Dinner Jacket

A beautifully rich cerulean blue.It has a slight purple duochrome in the bottle that doesn't show on the nail but that's my only issue with it.It's radiant! Incidentally,my father has a dinner jacket that is an exact match of this polish.

3 coats

with flash

Tuxedo Night

This one was the catalyst for one of the worst ear-worms I've had this month. The name Tuxedo Night reminded me of 'Tuxedo Mask' (a.k.a. Darien's from the show Sailor Moon) .Then I started humming the Sailor Moon theme song...and it got stuck in my head for the rest of the day.Anyway, this colour is brilliant. It's a deep maroon with beautiful shards of micro-glitter.

3 coats

indoors with flash
the glitter is more obvious here :)

To sum up the collection in one word: Elegant. Every single colour is as sophisticated and luxe as the name suggests. There isn't a single turkey in the bunch! All are opaque in 2 coats (personally,I prefer 3) and the dry time is excellent as well. They all passed my "I-only-have-30-minutes-to-do-my-nails-before-work!" test with flying colours. Awesome. If I had to pick a favourite, it would most likely be Incognito.And Award Medal. Actually,scratch that- I can't pick a favourite because they are all equally stunning. This is by far my favourite of all BB Couture's Men's collections and should be a welcome addition to any lacquer-loving man's wardrobe :)

 This collection and others are available to order here at a cost of $9 each. (P.S. their customer service is awesome! Thought you should know.)

Happy Sunday!
Ginger-who is now obsessed with BPAL thanks to Niki's recommendations. Thanks a lot sis ;)


  1. Oooh, ALL of these are so pretty on you Erin, but by a country mile, Tuxedo Night is my favorite - it's stunning!
    And congratulations on becoming a BPAL addict. ;) I can't wait to hear your opinions on your next order!

  2. Nicole-Thank you <3 Tuxedo Night is an amazing colour-and it's vampy! I do love a good vampy.I'll let you know what I think once I get them :) I picked out a real mixed-bag this time,they all sound like winners.

  3. BBC's are my favorite, too! :-) I don't have any of those new ones yet, but I need them for sure. Especially "Ceremony"!

  4. Hi!
    Overall Beauty sent me over here via Facebook. And I'm so happy to see your wonderful swatching of these! I think you have helped me pick my first collection of BB!!

  5. amei seu blog!!! quero te convidar para ir conhecer o meu!!!

  6. I own every men's collection in the full! I think I'm only going to pick a few. That never happens. I just love all of the polishes from BB Couture. They look fabulous on you. I think I have to put them all in one container. I started out with them all in one drawer. Then I order more and more. Now they're in a few other containers. Each collection get more fantastic than the last. They all look beautiful on you. I usually am crazy about the greens automatically but Tuxedo Nights really got me!


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