Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vampy Spam

Hello All!
I know that the spring/summer season is normally reserved for screaming brights,pastels *puke* and neons,but as always,I've decided to "zag" when everyone else is "zigging".Instead of showing you the norm for this season,I'll be showing you the abnormal...Vampies!

NYX Girls Smoldering
I love this colour! It's a deep brown with blue iridescent shimmer. NYX is a fairly new brand to me,but I must say,I like what I'm seeing from them. They have a lot of unusual colours,and that really appeals to me.

Two coats
indoors no flash

Quirius Red Square

This is more of a frost,rather than a shimmer,but it's a red vampy. I love red vampies. Ok,I love all vampies,especially ones that are red or purple.It's a beautiful,russet, "lit-from-within" shade.Bonus points for being named "Red Square",very Russian :)

2 coats

China Glaze Side Saddle

I've swatched this one before,but I just had to include it here because it's one of my favourites. It's an amazing golden purplish-brown,or puce if you want to be fancy.It's deep,and complex which is why it's in my top 20.

2 coats

outdoors no flash

Misa Earthward

Another gorgeous vampy brown. This one is in the same colour family as Smoldering,but the shimmer is silver rather than iridescent blue.It's also a tad more purple. Pure love <3

2 coats

OPI Black Tie Optional

This is another favourite. An eggplant-coloured shimmer with silver glitter particles and duochrome! I love this colour almost as much as I love my beloved La Boheme...but not quite :P The funny thing is I found this one being re-sold (serial number scratched off,missing label) at my local drugstore for $9! At the time I found this quite amusing beause I also saw it being sold at $19.99 on ebay! Soemtimes it pays to shop around :)

2 coats
indoors no flash
beautiful duochrome-y goodness!

This is what it looks like most of the time
...and so is this!

NARS Tokaido Express

The last polish on this list is also the most expensive. I normally wouldn't shell out more than 13 for nail polish unless the colour was exceptional or the company has a good reputation for delivering quality products.I bought this last year because at the time I "needed" to have it.And then it sat in storage unused for 4 months. When I finally wore it,I was awestruck by it's beauty.It's a faded plum with gold and shimmer,and it's lovely!
But, for some reason NARS chips really fast on me.I expect more from a $16 polish.At the very least it should sing and dance :P

I love vampy colours something fierce. They are always my go-to when I want to be dramatic or elegant.Or bratty :)  Even though vampies aren't technically summer colours,I wear them all year-round because they're so classic. The first 3 brands are very affordable (between $3 and $5), Misa is mid-range $5+ and the OPI and NARS are high-cost $16+ because BTO is HTF...unless you happen to live in a teeny-tiny town on the east coast of Canada,then it's sold at mid-range prices :)

Before I go,I'd like to remind everyone about my giveaway (the link is at the top of the page) it ends June 14th,so If you'd like to win some pretty purples,please enter!

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who just spent the day with her extended family...and was quickly reminded why I usually avoid them.Ugh.


  1. Those are all awesome colors!
    I do vampies year round so I love this.

  2. EvilAngel-Thanks :)Oddly enough,I wear neons in fall/winter.I have everything bass-ackwards!

  3. Wow! I'm feeling the one from Nars

  4. Where I live, it's summer and sunshine all year long, so I can't help but wear the colours I want whenever I feel like it, and not depending on the weather!

    Nice colours, especially the NARS.

  5. Smoldering is such a unique color must have it. Black tie optional is one of my lemmings. You have some beauties there :)

  6. I've been wearing all the deep colors year round. I have many light shades, pastels, etc. Some how those dark shades just jump into my hand and beg to be worn. A beautiful selection of vampies. They really look devine on you.


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