Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take That!

Good Evening Ladies!

For the remainder of this week I'll be doing manicures inspired by some of the most important people in my life. I got this wonderful idea from Mighty Lambchop. I hope she's OK with me taking it :)

Today's mani is inspired by... My brother!

I don't mention my brother much.
Mostly because he's really paranoid and thinks that everyone on the internet is evil (jury's still out as to whether I'm included ).
 For that reason he doesn't "do" Facebook,Twitter,MySpace,IM'ing. or MSN.
 Actually, he hates them all.
When I told him about this blog his exact words were, "Oh. That's stupid".

 Way to be supportive bro.

So why would I dedicate a manicure to such a person you ask?

 Well,despite his flaws (of which he has many-lol) he's a wonderful brother.He's (mostly) supportive, very intelligent, and he's hilarious. I've always been a little envious of how he can turn the most mundane occurance into an awesome story,while I've inherited my father's "long-winded-rambling -gene". We haven't always seen eye to eye,and for most of my childhood I wanted him to be an older sister,but now I can proudly say that I wouldn't trade him for anyone. He's the best big brother on the entire planet.

I love you Man.

*gushing over*
  My brother has also been the source of some *ahem*  unique opinions. For example,he once told me that people of colour can't wear cobalt blue because it makes our skin look weird.

Seeing as how it's my inherent duty to be the bratty kid sister,I'm wearing  BB Couture Prince Charming Blue-a frosty blue of the cobalt variety-just to prove him wrong.  Ha ha!

Exactly how is this weird?

Have a great evening ladies!

Ginger-who is also glad that my brother was so over-protective.It saved me from dating a lot of losers.


  1. I wanted my brother to be I sister too when I was younger. I have a brother who's less than two years younger than me, and for the first fifteen years of our lives, we just fought. Now I wouldn't trade him for anything. Even though he doesn't get my nail polish obsession, he's still amazing and yes, he's also over-protective :D

    I love the blue on you, it looks super pretty.

  2. I love the color! I don't mind at all that you were inspired too! Great minds and all that. ;)

  3. prince charming is a bold bold blue and it looks good on you

  4. I love this whole post! And the idea is really cool too!

    I lolled when I read the part about cobalt blue looking bad on people of color. My best friend says that pale pink looks bad on people of color...something about it being too bright and clashing with the undertones. o_O

    I think that polish looks beautiful on you! ^_^

  5. S- Same here! My brother and I are 8 years apart but we still fought all the time.Now he's one of my best friends! Over protective brothers are definitely a good thing :D Thank you for the compliment.

    Mighty Lambchop-Thank you :) WhenI saw it on your blog I thought,"Man,what a fantastic idea!" This is why you rock <3

    peripatetic33-Thank you :)

    ChaosButterfly-Thank you :) I have to disagree with your friend... I think most colours look good on people with darker skin tones! It's one of the best things about being a person of colour <3

  6. this color looks beautiful on you. tell brother nah-na-nah-na-boo-boo

  7. Scandalous-lol! Thank you! I will :)

  8. Brothers, love them and hate them. Somehow they're always there in some way for us. My brother is almost 2 years younger than me. He's driven me mad my whole life because of the poor choices he's made. He's still my Brother and don't anyone say anything about him that I don't like. Look out! We fought like crazy when we were young. My Mother once jumped in-between us when we were teenagers. I wanted to slug him so bad. He just had hold of my forearms and wouldn't let go while I screamed at him. I'm glad I didn't punch him. I know he would never have lifted a hand towards me. He'd give his life for mine. Now you have me crying. Well anyway, your polish is beautiful. I love that bold blue. I agree that all polish look lovely on women with darker skin. Makes the colors really stand out. I wanted to look like the model/actress Beverly Johnson when I was younger. She's so beautiful and I loved her skin color. I never could tan deep enough. Thankfully I didn't burn.


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