Monday, May 3, 2010

So Ugly It's Beautiful:Sation Mikasa

Hello All!
Today I bring you one of the colours that Moody helped me pick out. I think he liked it because it looked sparkly on the website swatch  (sorry,no link. I'm mad at them >:( )
 When it arrived in my mailbox my first reaction was, "Huh?" As usual,this particular site's swatches failed me-it is not sparkly at all. I normally love the colour brown, but this one was a little odd. I didn't even try it on until yesterday and I've had it for nearly 5 months! Still,I have come to the conclusion that I like it.
 At first I thought it looked like frosty baby poop,but then I took a closer look and decided it looked more like brown-toned pewter.I love pewter.

The only things I didn't like were the formula--weird texture,not goopy,but not runny either,brush strokes galore and very difficult to work with-- and the smell. I think Sation is B3F,but  for some reason it smells more toxic than usual.

Two pictures indoors no flash

I swear the Barbra Streisandesque soft focus lighting is accidental.My hands don't need to look wrinkle-free ;)

this pic punches up the silver frost

So do you have any "So ugly it's beautiful" colours? My personal favourite is BB Couture Kelly's Green.It shouldn't look good on me,but it does. I love it :)

Happy Monday!

Ginger-who is regretting her decision to eat leftover Chinese takeout for breakfast.So much for healthy eating...


  1. The bottle color looks different than on the nail. I know I sometimes have a hard time capturing the true color :) I also did a pretty ugly post. This one reminds me of China Glaze Cords from your picture.

  2. In the bottle...NO, but on your hands..yes, yes, yes!

  3. This looks really nice on your nails.
    In the bottle it looks a mess. lol!!

    I think mine would be Peacock from Icing by Claire's.
    When I wear it, it grosses me out, but I still like it.

  4. I agree with everyone, the bottle is total yuck, but beautiful on your nails! My favorite pretty ugly polish is MAC Dry Martini!

  5. Hmmm... now I'm wondering if you got this from TD or VNS. I've purchased Sation from both (used to be 95c at VNS!), and I've got to say, I haven't found a single site that has "accurate" swatches of the Sation brand. They do have some gorgeous colors though. I have this color - in the long line waiting to be worn, lol!

  6. Very odd shade in the bottle. With your skintone you make it look lovely. I think I might have a few of this brand. Maybe a blue and green. Moody picked a good one for you.


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