Sunday, May 2, 2010

NOTD: Holographic Flakies

Happy Sunday Everyone!

This is my NOTD from yesterday,  1 coat of Nfu Oh #50 layered over 3 coats of Nfu Oh # 65. It was pretty dismal outside,so these pics aren't as brilliant as they could be. However,the ones I got are still pretty stunning (if I do say so myself!) .

It makes my nails look like opals :)

indoors no flash

outdoors no flash

indoors no flash

indoors no flash

Pretty right?

In other news,only 13 people have entered my giveaway so far. (Yay! less sorting for me!)It is open until June,and international readers are eligible.So if you are interested in winning these lovely purples ,either send me an email at pinkgingergiveaway AT gmail DOT com,or leave a comment at the end of this post (click here for the rules)

Have a lovely evening!

Ginger-who is due to post a massive drugstore haul soon.


  1. Yes that is a beautiful holo!! Gotta love the holo's :)

  2. wow how gorgeous is this! Great combination<3

  3. I have and love Nfu oh 65. Your layering looks fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous and opal-like. My nails look like fire opals. I'm wearing a coral polish with Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure as a top coat. They look like beautiful jewels. Your nails are always lovely but those polishes really are over the top.


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