Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mad As A Hatter

This colour perfectly captures the essence of my amazing niece Nuni. She's a 3 year-old whirlwind,causing mayhem wherever she goes.

 This is definitely one of the oddest colours in my collection.It has all of the sparkly brilliance of a glitter,but it's cool-toned so it has a dark,moody feel to it. It's a strange colour but I like it.

Nuni is also moody :) Her nickname has been 'drama queen' since she was in diapers.One minute she's hugging you and telling you how much she "wuvs" you,and the next she's angrily throwing cutlery at your head.Or plates. She's a diva, but she also has a heart of gold.She's more independent than most of the 20 year-olds I know,and she has a wonderful,energetic personality. I love her to bits <3

Like Nuni,OPI Mad As A Hatter is very high-maintenance. This mani took 4 coats and there are still a few bald spots. No worries though,the overall look is pretty sweet :)

indoors no flash

I have definitely passed on my nail polish fixation to Nuni.Whenever she comes to visit,she shows me her bare nails and says "I need some nailpolish please." She's a huge fan of pink,but lately she's picked out greys,blues,and even vampies! I usually select lighter shades for her because vamps are a little too sexy for a toddler.

Well, that's all for now
Have a pleasant evening!
Ginger-who has also passed on her love of lipgloss,perfume,and jewelry.Uh oh.


  1. so pretty! i've enjoyed your family polish posts!

  2. Once again, I love this whole post. Your niece sounds so cute and funny! lol, vampy toddlers.

    MaaH is actually the polish that started my sick obsession. I always have a soft place in my heart for it.

  3. Very pretty glitter...ouch 4 coats...I wouldn't want to remove it. lol!! I haven't used it yet. I think I'm going to use a creme base so I won't have to use too many layers :)

  4. Hmmm, I can't think I've really seen a swatch as lovely as yours of OPI MAAH. Its beautiful on you.

  5. I have this and have yet to wear it!

    What am I waiting for?

  6. Nuni sound adorable and fun. I just love children, especially intelligent ones. I see you've passes on your polish love to her. I bought this shade also. I believe I only bought the glitters. I found it a little difficult also. Pretty though.


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