Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Geek Week!

Why Geek Week?
Because for the next seven days this blog will be dominated by my other (geeky) fixations both past and present. I figured I should get one of the more embarrassing things out of the way first:

Beverly Hills 90210

This show was a can't-miss for me from 1991-1997,I lost interest after the "Kelly-gets-trapped-in-a burning-building-and-then-ends-up-on-coke" storyline. But,in the early 90's I loved everything about it. The campy melodrama,the implausible story lines, and the guys.
Actually,one guy in particular; Luke Perry.I thought Jason Priestley was handsome,but his character Brandon was a self-righteous hypocrite,so I couldn't stand him.Besides,I'm not that into blond men.
Except for Spike and Eric.
OK,maybe I'm just into blond vampires (more on that later in the week)
Dylan was a hot brooding mess.He was a rich latch-key kid with an absentee criminal dad,and a hippy-dippy absentee mom.In short,he was irresistible. He was also an alcoholic who cheated on Brenda with her best friend while she was in Paris. (Me?Still bitter? nooo!)

I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. When I heard there was going to be a 90210 re-do,I thought,"That will be fabulous!" And then I watched it. Even with cameos by Brenda,Kelly,and Donna it wasn't the same.I don't care about the new kids at all.Then again,I'm not 12 anymore,so there's a good reason for that.Unlike the MTV reality shows that  I still watch (shut up), I've outgrown 90210. It makes me a little nostalgic for the old days...*sigh*

I was trying to come up with a colour that would perfectly capture the cheesiness of  early 90's TV,and I thought, what is more 90's than bright blue?

I chose was Sally Hansen Salon Calypso Blue
A shimmery bright that is not as neon as it appears in the picture.Unfortunately,this is the colour my camera changes it to. This is 2 coats.

So what are your geeky obsessions? W.O.W? Magic the Gathering? anything besides live action role playing? Or do you have an absurd amount of pens like I do?

Happy Monday Y'all!
Ginger-who is determined to have a good week with no drama.Wish me luck!


  1. I actually use to be part of a clan online for Socom on the PS2. I was also a total Sims fanatic...I have since outgrown my gaming habits.

    Does perusing the net 24/7 (including online school) allow me to keep my geek status? I'd rather be a geek than an idiot.

    ♥ SailorWifey

  2. Ahhh, 90210! I was in college when that first came out and the girls would gather in the common room and just have a "night in" when it came on every week. Boy, does THAT bring back some memories for me! Don't tell anyone - but towards the end of the 90's I thought that I would right a "memoirs of a gen-X'r" book, and I even had a title for it (I'm almost cringing, but I'll tell you!) - Another Endless Night in the 90's. That would have sold like hotcakes, I tell you. *wink*
    Oh boy.
    And I guess you could say I'm geeky. I'm slightly...obsessed with history and most of what I read involves it - I'm plowing my way through a book about Rasputin right now, and though it's a little tough to follow because I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the minor Russian "characters" in this era, but it's very good.
    I used to MUD. MUD = "multi-user dungeon". We didn't have anything but a DOS screen - no graphics whatsoever so you had to use your imagination, but boy - I was so wrapped up in it. I played on a MUD called Nirvana. I leveled up as far as I could go and then I finished all the quests, so I could become a "wizard" which they called "wizzing up" - and then when I found out all that you could do as a wiz was talk to people and write a quest in C++, well, that was boring. I was the first person to ever ask to be demoted. Haha!
    Well, I could go on about that - if you'd like to look up the modern version of a MUD, there's a big one called Runescape.
    Now that I've written a book on your comments! Haha! I'll comment on your polish - that's such a pretty shade of blue! And it's definitely appropriate for the show and that period of time.

  3. I love this geek week idea! I myself am a general gamer and a little obsessive about the Silent Hill series. Can't wait to read the next one!

  4. For me it was Melrose Place. Yeah, yeah... I know... lol

    That polish is a perfect representation of that time. Bright, almost neon blue.

  5. PS2s RPG really makes me feel geek, but I love it! Nice idea for the geek week.

  6. Dude I loved me some "90210." My geekiness is all over the place. I'm not wed to any one thing except music. I can outline various musical family trees for you but I can also discuss the latest story arcs in X-men comics. I'm just all over the place.

    This polish? Amazing and stunning on you. Just sayin'.

  7. Geek week is awesome! I love to watch old "Miami Vice" episodes, loved that show! 90210 was great one to watch too, I remember watching it and then going to school trying to mimic the look.

  8. I watched the show too! I was much older than 12. I also loved Dylan, I always love a bad boy. Melrose Place was another love of mine. The polish is perfect for your start of geek week. I live on the computer, is that geeky enough? Facebook games are my obsession. Really cut into my blog reading. I hate that it does but I can't stop playing them. I have one screen on a game and the other on your blog. That's the only way I get anything done. Very sick of me.


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