Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello All!
I was supposed to post this yesterday,but life (and sleep) got in the way.I've been on a bit of a tear since my no buy ended and I wanted to show you what I've acquired in just one month. Let the craziness begin!

OPI My Private Jet (holo version #2!) and Brand New Skates
purchased from a Beautiful Secret and ebay

SpaRitual Imaginarium and Shoot For The Stars
purchased from AvenueYou

OPI L to R Maine-iac Mauve,Eiffel For This Color,and I Get A Kick Out of Gold

Del Sol L to R  Rockstar,Island Fever,Girl's Night Out,and Heartbeaker

Revlon L to R "Smellies"Orange Pop,Ocean Breeze,Grape Icy and Bubblegum

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear L to R  Ocean View,Marine Scene,Pacific Blue,Purple Pizazz,and Going Green

Zoya L to R Gilda,Alegra,Valentina,Vivi,Charla,Sloane,and Mimi
purchased from Ebay.

NYX Girls left to right Smoldering,Complex Purple,Purple Noir,Inkheart,Pure Red Pearl,and Enchanted Forest

purchased from Cherry Culture


I purchased everything else from various drugstores--including a longtime lemming of mine, I Get A Kick Out Of Gold. I didn't think I'd ever find another holo MPJ until I happened to see it on a random etailer site.I was thrilled that it was holo-even if it is slightly different than the original. The Del Sol polishes were a bit of a surprise. The only place I was able to get it was a touristy shop in town (and almost two hours away) Then my local drugstore started selling them for $9.00-four dollars cheaper than that chintzy shop. Fabulous :) I haven't even included all the stuff  I bought from Overall Beauty,not to mention my "Oh snap,the sale is ending!" purchase from Fabuloustreet! Needless to say,once my last few hauls arrive,I'm going on another no-buy.

Hurray for discipline.

So do you approve of my choices?

Happy Friday!
Ginger-who hopes to post some swatches soon.Weather permitting.


  1. Ooh! You got some great stuff! I'm so looking forward to seeing these. Hope you like the Del Sols. They're so fun. I have Rock Star and Island Fever and they're really pretty!

  2. You go girl! Quite a beautiful haul, can't wait to see those SpaRituals!

  3. Nice haul!! Oooh, which drugstore did you find the Del Sol polishes at??? I'm lemming so many of them sooo badly but I can't find them anywhere!

  4. Lambchop-I've already tried the two pink/purple ones and I really like them!They're gimmicky but fun :)

    JennyKaye-lol! Thank you! I'm excited to try the Sparituals too-they're my first ones ever.

    AC-In Canada they're available at most Rexall drugstores.I don't remember where to buy them in the States though,it was either Walgreens or CVS. I hope that helps :)

  5. Girl! You got everything, and then some! I approve of all the choices! I bought MPJ #2 on ebay, and its GORGEOUS!

  6. Jackie-Thank you! I and I'm glad you got MPJ,it's one of my favourite colours and it'll look gorgeous on you :)

  7. Wow, you really picked some lovelies. I didn't make any large purchases for awhile. I think because I wasn't reading blogs much. I started reading and wham! I made three huge purchases. I just went through my list and started just picking out polishes I'd wanted for awhile. Then when I saw that OverallBeauty had new collections, I went to town! I'm trying to slow it all down again.


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