Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grandma's Hands

Hello All,
As the title suggests,this mani is dedicated to my amazing grandmother. My Nana isn't so much a person as she is a force of nature. She's the best baker in town,one of the best cooks and her personality is so radiant that people drive for hours just to be in her presence.I'm pretty sure she's a divine creation,sent from heaven to make sure that everyone is happily married (because single is evil) ,healthy ( drink lots of nettle tea!) and well-fed ( for Pete's sake eat a sandwich and gain some weight! ) .  One of my favourite things about her is her decidedly un-matronly appearance. She loves to wear spike heels,fishnet stockings and crazy wigs. I love her wigs. I chose OPI Midnight in Moscow,a shimmery blackened red, because she loves this colour.
The first time she saw it she said,"What a gorgeous colour!"

Nana totally rocks the vampies :)

The past few years haven't been kind to my Nan. She had to stop baking because of arthritis.She lives with congestive heart failure,and she lost her ability to walk after suffering a stroke. Yet she's still the same feisty,strong woman I remember.Only instead of walking to church in her fishnets and stilettos,she rolls there in her tricked-out wheelchair. Her inability to bake hasn't stopped her from telling me to "Eat something hon,you're too thin" while shoving food in my face. She's always going to be the wonderful,ingratiating person that everyone knows and loves- but just a bit edgier because now she's pissed that she can't walk. Hey, anyone who can drink juniper tea for almost her entire life and live to tell about it is obviously  a kick arse female.

I love you Nan <3

Have a wonderful evening!

Ginger-who is pretty sure my Nan is responsible for my love of vampy nailpolish and bright lipstick :)


  1. Well, I see that your site is devoted to all things beautiful in the world and hearing about your Nana and seeing what her favorite polish is....she's gotta be so very beautiful!

  2. I love this post! My granny is known in town for her whore-red lipstick. I love crazy awesome feisty grans!!!

  3. What a wonderful post. I loved reading it.
    My hats off to both of you. Beauty manicure,

  4. What a beautiful post about your grandma! I really enjoyed reading it!

  5. Your Grandmother sounds like a wonderful women. I'd like to know a women like her. It's wonderful that you have the opportunity to laude her on this blog. I like that she still wears her heels and fishnets! Wish I had known my Grandmother. Beautiful manicure. Glad I have this shade.


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