Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Spam

Greetings All!
I took a two day break after Blogger deleted some reader comments on Wednesday night. I was trying to moderate and...Bam! Nothing! They all just disappeared.Since blogger isn't a person it doesn't care that I stopped posting out of spite.In the meantime if any of you have suggestions about a new commenting system.I'm all ears.

Blogger,you're dismissed.

Stop looking at me like I'm crazy.


What I'm bringing you this evening is a weeks' worth of NOTD spam!

Monday: BB Couture For Men Blue Collar

(from the Regular Guys Collection)

I love this colour! It's a light cornflower blue with the prettiest silver shimmer. Blue is a very fitting shade for a Monday morning.It's a good thing I drink lots of coffee before work ;)

Tuesday:OPI All Rose Lead To Rome

(From The Italian Collection)

This colour is VHTF so I hardly ever wear it,but it's a beauty! It's a gorgeous fuchsia pink with blue shimmer.An underrated stunner.

Wednesday: OPI Taos Twist

A.K.A. "So old school I don't even know which collection it's from!" A searing-hot red jelly with a hint of shimmer (and I do mean a hint! you can barely see it on the nail) I haven't been wearing a lot of red lately,but this one is quite flattering on me.

Thursday:BB Couture For Men Military Blues

This is from BB Couture's very first collection for men.I freakin' love these! (as evidenced by me purchasing nearly every collection in full :P)
This one is a deep blue shimmer.It looks kind of duochrome-ish in the bottle (it flashes pink) but not on the nail. It's still beautiful though.

Friday: Zoya Starla

...And this is what I'm wearing today. Starla is a beautiful cool-toned pink with silver glass fleck.It's also the most high-maintenance lacquer of the bunch.The preceding manicures only needed 2 coats,this one needed four! But,it's pink,girly and pretty so I'm not going to hate on it too bad.

So which colours have you been wearing this week?

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who isn't counting the SH insta-dri polish that I applied and took off on Tuseday morning.The application was horrid!


  1. They are all gorgeous but my faves on you are the blues

  2. Those are all gorgeous and dayum you have the most perfect nailbeds ever!

    I use JS-kit, it costs $12 a year but works awesome!

  3. oh those BBs are so pretty - must get me blue collar- such a pretty blue on you

  4. Stunning! You have the most beautiful skin!!!


  5. L-Thank you <3

    Evil Angel- Aww!Thank you :) *blushes* and I think i might try js-kit.Thanks for the suggestion!

    peripatetic33-Thank you :) I love Blue Collar,it's such a universally flattering colour :)

    Tiffani-Thank you :) *Hugs*

  6. It's wonderful to be reading your blog again. I've really missed you. I love your sense of humor and your writing in general. Your nails are looking as beautiful as usual. I love your taste in polish. I see many polishes that I don't own. The BB Couture I do own. I have all the mens collections. Love this shade!


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