Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the Coolest Kid in My Life

Good Afternoon All!

This manicure is dedicated to one of my favourite people on the planet...my darling nephew-and occasional manicure consultant-Moody!

I chose BB Couture For Men Golf Pro (from their Regular Guys collection) for 2 reasons, 1) Green is Moody's favourite colour and 2) because he has mad love for golf. Seriously.
When he was 3 my parents bought him a kiddie golf set and he loved it!
He even watched golf tournaments on TV (and golf is like,the most boring sport EVER!)
Granted,he also loves chess and board games,so I guess it isn't all that unusual.
He's an old man in a preteen body and that is why I love him so <3

The colour itself is a welcome addition to my stash of BB Couture greens (I think I have all except 2).It's a mossy green shimmer with clear and black (!) glitter particles. I am in love with this colour.
I mean it this time.

BB Couture can be purchased here for $9

so what do you think about this colour? Love or loathe?

Ginger-who would have asked Moody to model this colour himself...if wasn't for his chronic nail/cuticle biting habit.Eeek!


  1. LOL @ him being an old man in a preteen body.
    People like that are always so much fun, ironically.

    Beautiful color too!

  2. Gorgeous. I love the men's collections.

  3. As soon as I got my OverallBeauty package I whipped out this polish and put it on. Just beautiful! Also between the three collection there were many greens. I am an extremely happy lady. Moody sounds like a terrific kid. I don't get golf but the surroundings are beautiful. That's the only thing it has going for it. This shade looks devine on you.


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