Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Work-Approved: Color Club Love 'Em and Leave 'Em

...Or as my bottle says,Lobe 'Em and Leave 'Em!

I hope that's a typo.

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for my absence. My non-blog life has been a little hectic lately,so I had to take a mini-break to get a few things done.Hopefully,I'll be able to post more regularly in the near future.
 Today I'm featuring a pretty,holographic beige (seriously!) courtesy of Color Club.It was released last fall as a part of their Wild At Heart Collection,one of the best of 2009 in my opinion. I was on the fence about this one because it seemed so "blah".Especially when compared to stunners like Wild and Willing and Wild at Heart. Against my better judgement I purchased it anyway, fully expecting not to like it.

However,when I tried it on I fell  head-over-heels in love! It's holographic,but subtle (as is the case with most Color Club holos) It is absolutely perfect for the professional lady who wants to have pretty nails,but doesn't want them to be too noticeable.

 I only took one pic in indirect sunlight but I wouldn't enlarge it if I were you, because I have a gnarly paper-cut on my ring finger. Ick.
3 coats,no topcoat Seche Clear base coat.

I bought this beauty from Ebay,but Color Club polishes are also available to order here.

In other news,I've noticed that I have some new followers. Welcome! *waves*
I hope you enjoy my semi-coherent rambling :P I currently have about 30 polishes set to give away...but I can't think of what to do.Or how to sort entries.Or which polishes to give away and when.Then there's the small problem of Canada Post labelling nail polish a harmful substance and refusing to ship it out (yet they have no problem importing it into the country.Go figure) Once I figure things out I'll post the details.

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who just received her Nfu Ohs today...and promptly ordered 4 more! Yep,I think I need another buying break ;)


  1. That's a great color. I'm not usually fond of neutral colors, but it being holographic makes it a winner!

  2. Y'know I absolutely LOVED this collection too, I have to say it was one of my favorites of the year! They really, really nailed this one. Looks great on you!
    As to the giveaway polishes - I have a drawer in my desk I've been stuffing them in, and I only picked out ten for this current giveaway because I had no idea how to sort it out either! I figured I'd just break it up a little bit.

  3. LOL! Lobe em and Leave em just made me LOL! It looks great on you! A little bit of bling that's just subtle enough for work!

  4. All colors are work approved..LOL! No really this is very pretty yet funky at the same time!

  5. Snazzy! I'm picky about subtle numbers like this but it's hard to say no to holo!


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