Saturday, April 10, 2010

Strawberry Fields and a Rant

Good evening all, I hope your Saturday was well spent.

My colour choice was OPI Strawberry Fields, but before I get to that I'd like to rant for a bit if you don't mind.

The topic of bullying has been in the news of late, because of recent suicide in Massachusetts (this is probably the one and only time I will ever link anything to Fox News because this is a really good article on the subject)

As someone who has seen the effects of bullying, both as a victim and as a peer counsellor, this recent tragedy has reawakened some old, unwelcome feelings.

When I was 13 I was teased mercilessly by a group of kids in my class. I did everything I was supposed to. I ignored it, I told the principal, and I told my parents. Nothing worked. It didn't end until I reached my breaking point and actually punched one of them in the face. The principal responded by putting me in detention...with the people who bullied me. I spent the rest of my junior high years depressed and suicidal.

Adults always say "Why don't you just ignore it?" Yeah right.

If someone came to your job and called you a stupid whore every day, would you be able to ignore it?

I didn't think so.

In my opinion, we have been conditioned to accept bullying as a part of growing up. It is human nature to prey on the weak after all, and since high school is a microcosm of society we should all just let kids be kids and leave them to work it out. Right?

Only, children keep dying because of it.
Bullying isn't just a parental issue, or a school issue, it's a societal issue.
One day, these bullies will grow up. They’ll go to university, some of them will marry and have families, and they'll eventually get jobs.
The problem is if they're never taught that bullying has negative consequences, they will just keep doing it.
So instead of pushing the girl they don't like, they’ll intimidate a co-worker, or an employee or their spouse.
Schools should implement a zero tolerance policy where bullying is concerned, especially if the bullying is consistent. A child should never be afraid to go to school, but millions live with that fear every day.
I was one of the fortunate ones. Once I left junior high I made new friends, became busy with extra-curricular activities, instead of dwelling on the past I began looking toward the future. I’d still see my bullies in passing, but they no longer had any power over me. I wish I had known at the time that the people, who I once considered the centre of my universe, won't even be in the same orbit in a few years.

I identify with the victim because I know first hand,what she had to go through.Granted,we didn't have Myspace, Facebook, or cellphones to abuse each other.What I had to contend with was old-fashioned intimidation and physical violence. Believe me,that was enough.

The saddest thing about all of the bully-cide cases is that the victims ended their lives based on the lies of other people.They were all bright,wonderful individuals whose lives were cut tragically short.
 I know how all-consuming it is live with harassment, but I also know how good it feels to be free from it.During my teen years,my parents were my worst enemy.Today I'm relieved that my mother, (a survivor of bullying herself) had the foresight to send me to counselling. When I began the process I was a vulnerable shell of a person.A shadow of my true self. But now, (15 years later)  I'm a well-adjusted, sarcastic "almost-thirtysomething" with an entire life to live.

No thanks to my school administration.

I chose OPI Strawberry Fields because the colour pink represents an anti-bullying campaign here in Canada. April 14th is "Wear A Pink Shirt Day". It started out as a high school protest.Two young men from Nova Scotia, organized it as a show of support to a grade 9 student who was being bullied. Now it is a nationwide day of action. Wear pink day is usually held on the 3rd Wednesday in February but, it was bumped so it wouldn't conflict with the Olympics. (NOTHING MUST CONFLICT WITH THE OLYMPICS! Not even Parliament :P)

Dress code be damned,I'll be wearing my pink t-shirt on Wednesday.

*steps off soap box*

Have a wonderful evening ladies :)

Ginger-who is hoping that everyone will pay more attention to the way they treat other people.You only get what you give :)


  1. This is one soap box topic I totally approve of! You are right that the bullies often never stop their ugly behavior if it's never questioned or punished and just accepted as "the way things are". I'm a happy, confident, outgoing woman who left a dream job a couple of years ago because of a bully. I worked at a library and this lady had harassed enough people that by the time I got there, the only people left were dispirited or just tried to stay on her good side to avoid the bad treatment. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of neutralize her effect on customers, fellow employees, and myself with no luck. As a last resort I wrote a very detailed, well-documented and carefully worded formal complaint. I was told that I needed to go to counseling because I and my fellow broken down coworkers were just "overly sensitive". If there are 11 people out of 17 who are having issues with someone then the 11 probably aren't the problem! She was good at kissing up to her superiors and I ended up quitting.
    Sorry to throw all of that out in a comment, but this really is an issue that does not get enough attention!

  2. Just thought I would drop by and say Hi, I am a new "beauty" blogger and have recently found yours :)


    ps - you made some very valid points about bullying if more people openly spoke about bullying maybe it wouldnt be the problem that it is all around the world

  3. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. Your such a sweet, intelligent and funny person. Good thing you had such a smart Mother. I was often teased at school for being fat. Wish I had that shape now. I digress, but I just put my head down and ignored it. Sometimes I'd tell them to shut up. The girls were always the worse. Made you feel worthless. Thank God I had a good Mom who loved me and gave me confidence. She also told me to go punch the crap out of them. She was a 4'11" fighter! You get older and some friends that like the same things (rock music) and everyone else just gets ignored and goes away. My brother was bullied by a bunch of guys in high school. My brother just wouldn't bother with them. They always wanted to fight with him. My Mother & Father went to the principal, had the other parents in to talk. Nothing happened until they all ganged up on my brother. Must've been about 10 or more guys. No one would help but my brothers one friend who just happened buy. My brother socked one kid who flew so far that everyone ran. Of course my brother got suspension and almost kicked out of school. No of the bullies were ever punished. They never bothered my brother again. My Mother also threatened to beat the crap out of the principal! My Father pulled her out of the office. He was the very deep and quiet one. God bless you for getting on your soapbox. I just cry whenever I hear those stories. Your so right that in a few years everything changes. You wonder why you let such idiots get to you. Love that polish on you. It's great that Canada has that day set aside to wear pink.

  4. i co-sign everything you said on your soapbox!

    being from mass, myself this kind of ticks me off. i mean first those pregnancy pact cheerleaders and now this? what is going on with our schools??

    anyway, i was never bullied in grade school but i witnessed it and trust me, i wasn't one to turn a blind eye from it! the bystanders are as equally responsible as the bullies themselves if they just stnad and watch. that anti-bullying gill in COngress cannot come into law sooner enough.

    you have nice nails. great color =)

  5. You made very valid points about bullying, I loved the "rant" :)

    BTW...OPI and China Glaze both have polishes named "Strawberry Fields"..I wonder what other names they have alike?

  6. I am so glad that you took the time to write this post. Very well said and timely!

    This off topic, but I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the sunshine blogger award!


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