Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Purple With The Stupid Name

Purple Xing? Seriously?

 I'll be the first to confess that I'm unusually picky about nailpolish names.I normally don't buy a colour if the name is boring .However, in this case I'd prefer 'Purple Glitter #35' over 'Purple Xing' any day of the week. Unnecessary abbreviations drive me nuts! On the other hand,even if you use the full word, Purple Crossing is a stupid name. Not good, Nina Ultra Pro,not good.


Sorry about that.

The colour itself is ridiculously beautiful.It's a rich, shimmery violet with multi-sized holographic glitter. I love multi-sized glitter!  It always looks like it's been sand-blasted on.
It is, by far, one of the best purple glitters I've ever seen.

 It's a shame about the name.

three coats indoors no flash

*Also,can the word abbreviate be  abbreviated? Yeesh!

Other names I'm annoyed by? Blk Bila-Bong (IT'S BLACK!) Fantasea (spelling...FAIL!) Iris I Were Thinner (UGH!),and Pimp My Nail (because apparently,sexual exploitation is a lovely shade of green)
 I could also include some of OPI's more "un-punny" names,but the list would be too long.

Which nailpolish names get on your nerves?

Happy Tuesday!

Ginger-who is refusing to watch 'Dancing With The Stars' until that lady with 8 kids is gone.


  1. Alot of OPI names I think are absurd. And I'm so sick of the "suzi" named OPI's. Yes, your name is Suzi and you have the biggest np brand ever. Get OVER yourself already... Whoa. where'd that come from. I also hate Leaf him at the Altar. It reminds me too much of how the hillbillies here talk. Like the word "crick". It is a Creek, dammit. Ok, I'm gonna stop myself before I go on forever.
    That polish is Gorgeous! And I hate glitter, so that says alot. Stupid name tho

  2. Agreed. Beautiful polish and really stupid name. I still have not picked this up even though I eyeball it every time I go to Sally.

    Have you ever seen the "Stupid Nail Polish Names" blog? It's pretty funny.

  3. I can't remember what blog I saw this on but someone said maybe its supposed to sound like puplexing. LOL I thought that made more sense so I ran with that name. Nice color on you.

  4. Haha, I just bought this, and ITA about the name - when I turned it over and read the label, I was like, Wtf? I was expecting something that captures how pretty this polish is... but Purple Xing? How does that even make sense? How can purple cross? Or X? Btw, there's a blog about stupid nail polish names. I believe its called Stupid Nail Polish names. I'm not affiliated in any way, but I am a huge fan. It's hilarious. You should check it out :)
    P.S: Apparently there's a polish called 12 Inch Gang Bang. I think that's probably the worst I've ever heard :p

  5. Scandalous-LMAO! I agree,she does have a ridiculously large amount of colours named after her (narcissist much?)and "Leaf Him at The Altar" is also a stupid name.

    Lambchop-I finally decided to buy it after months of passing it by.I think it would look awesome on you.
    P.S.thanks for the link.It is funny!

    Tami-Thank you! and purpleXing does make more sense.I think the dash confused me :P

    AC-I just checked Stupid Nail polish Names out. I love it! and 12 Inch Gang Bang? Really? That is wrong on so many levels!

  6. LOLOMGWTF about the "12 Inch Gang Bang" thing - seriously? That's just sick. I'm with you on this name - it drives me crazy, but it's SO freaking gorgeous. I saw three swatches of it the week I bought it. I also despise the Blk-Bila-Bong one, I made a huge protest about it. I have to say I agree with Ange about the Suzi OPI names. That aggravates me as well.

  7. I really hate $OPI's Iris I was Thinner. It irks the mess out of me. I didn't buy it because of the name.


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