Friday, April 23, 2010

The Purple That Killed A Lemming

Not literally.That would be disgusting and cruel.And impossible.

Anyway, a few months ago NARS released a new colour called Purple Rain.It's a beautiful, jewel-toned red-violet that I wanted desperately to own.Unfortunately for me I was,  A) on a no-buy at the time and B) reluctant to spend more than $12 on a bottle of nailpolish. So I opted out.
I didn't buy Purple Rain,which,knowing my history with Nars,would have chipped on me anyway. (note to self: expensive doesn't always mean better)  Then I saw a comparison swatch featuring Purple Rain,Zoya Yasmeen,and China Glaze Let's Groove .
(for the original blog post click here)

To my surprise,I liked the Zoya swatch better.Sure,Purple Rain is beautiful and shimmery,but Yasmeen has a gorgeous glow that PR couldn't duplicate. Since Zoya is next to impossible to find here,I hit up my favourite ebay seller and bought it. I'm happy to say that it's even more stunning in person...and I didn't have to pay $16 plus $20 for shipping ('cause that's how much it costs to send packages to rural Canada)

Zoya Yasmeen is my (figurative) lemming-killer.It's a beautiful,glowy,purple with pink shimmer and I love it even more than Purple Rain.So there.

two coats indoors no flash
this isn't the *best* representation of this colour,it's not this muted in real life.

It isn't often that I cave  and purchase super-expensive brands.Personally,if I can find a less-expensive colour that is similar I buy that instead. So Chanel Illusion D'or can take a flying leap. I don't care how ridiculously gorgeous it is.

(OK,I'm lying...I'm just angry 'cause i maxed out my credit card and can't pay for it)


I'll just live vicariously through all of you ladies that have it.Just post a lot of pictures on your blogs and on MUA so I can drool over them : )

Happy Friday Ladies!

Ginger-who is in a celebratory mood because the weeekend is almost here!


  1. Me too! didn't bother with Nars Purple Rain because I already had Yasmeen, and Yasmeen seemed to look better in all the comparison pics I've seen!

  2. OMG that color is GORGEOUS! (I wasn't a big fan of Purple Rain, but THIS is pretty!!)

  3. I saw the same post and also loved Nars...but once I saw the Zoya and CG options, the CG called to me! Yasmeen is gorgeous, smart choice!

  4. I'm so glad I already own this. It's such a beautiful purple. I think I'd rather buy a whole mess of polishes than spend the money for Chanel or Nars. I do have 2 or 3 Nars. I just can't seem to buy the Chanel. I never read that it's consistently a good polish. Looks beautiful on you.


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