Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Purple That is Fit For A Rock Star

Black nailpolish and rock stars go together like ice cream and apple pie,sunny days and lemonade,Sarah Palin and the murder of the english language (hahaha). Today's purple is L.A. Girl's aptly named,Rockstar. It's actually black with purple shimmer,but as with most colours of this type,the shimmer makes it look purple.

I have always loved black nailpolish.Even when I had two-inch long talons,and every fashion magazine under the sun told me that dark nailpolish looked tacky on long nails.Ever the fashion rebel,I wore darks anyway...especially black. No one has the right to tell me what to wear on  my own nails!


Sorry about that .

For my swatch I used three coats.I find the first two coats of L.A. Girl polishes a little sheer for my liking,so I always use 3.It's probably due to the fact that most of the colours I've purchased are jelly-based shimmers.This isn't a strike against them though,all of the colours are gorgeous and affordable. Just what I like in a drugstore brand.

So do you like this colour? Or is it just a big pile of "meh"?

Happy Saturday Ladies!

Ginger-who is pestering my mailman...again! I feel another no-buy coming on.


  1. i love it. where did you purchase it?

  2. Mourning-I love colours like this :)
    I purchased it from

  3. It's beautiful...I just may have to purchase this one :)

  4. i love that color!! i think black is gorgeous!! I wear really dark, if not black nail polish most of the time... i think it's very rockstar!! they gave this one the perfect name! anyhoo! what store can i get the LA girls??

  5. bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the sarah palin comment has me crying i'm laughing so hard!

  6. i think i have this color, but its not from LA Girls--it's from that Forever 21 brand love & beauty. it didn't have a name, but it looks to be the exact same color to me.

  7. rmcandlelight-Do it! I think it would look gorgeous on you :)

    AnNeTEe-I think they're available at Wal-Mart in the US, but I bought this one from Cherry

    Scandalous-I don't understand how this woman is paid to give speeches when she can barely form a coherent sentence! I'm not a grammar expert by any stretch of the imagination,but every time I hear her speak I think,"Will you stop with the cutesy-folky talk! You're a politician! Speak English!"

    GerryBerry-I have a colour that's kind of similar Deep Space by NYX Girls.There are a lot of similarities between brands,like they're all copying each other.

  8. Love that bit of sarcasm! Rockstar is amazing. I bought the whole collection. They were my first LA Girls purchase. I don't care how long or short your nails are, wear black. Purple shimmer is even better in the black. Since it's Rockstar all I can say is it looks rocking' on you.


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