Friday, April 9, 2010

NOTD:Zoya Harlow

Good Morning!
I am so happy it's Friday! I love my job,but some of my coworkers...well...let's just say I'm glad I'm being paid to spend time with them. Anyway,I'm off to go spend another 8 hours in their nattering,gossipy presence (I can barely contain my joy) Before I go,here's what I'll be wearing:

Zoya Harlow

A beautiful,velvety,pink with tons of shimmer that isn't apparent until you add a shiny topcoat. I have a love/hate relationship with mattes.This one goes in the "love" column :)

I'll just stare at my nails all day and go to my happy place.

Have a wonderful day!

Ginger-who is well-versed in the art of feigning interest.


  1. I loved working with women who did nothing but gossip and talk about nothing but their children. Yawn! I don't mind hearing about children but not for 8 hours. Harlow looks fantastic on you. I bought all of the Zoya mattes. This was one of my favorites. It's beautiful.

  2. Hello Ginger girl! How have you been? This matte looks lovely next to your skin tone. I took a peek at your other posts too. I really like the two oranges from BB Couture. They both seemed to suit you very well. The green color was interesting too. Very "springy" for the spring season. I hope you have a nice day at work.


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