Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nfu Oh Haul

Hello All!
Allow me to introduce you to the latest additions to my Nfu Oh family.The pictures are very washed out. Just try and picture each colour a shade darker and more vibrant than it appears .(let's see you try and take a good picture at 5am without having coffee first :P)

The Shimmers and Flakies

 L to R #033,#083,#50, and #58
The two on the left are sheer iridescent shimmers...I can't wait to try layering with them!

The Jellies and Cremes
L to R: #422 bubblegum pink!, #556 ,a deep cobalt blue, #569 the infamous Zulu dupe, and  #238 already discontinued :(

Nfu Oh is one of those brands that people either love or hate. Personally, I love them...I just use them when I have a lot of time.With the exception of the holos,these take ages to dry,but, the colour selection makes up for the dry time.Plus,I love the Victorian bordello style bottles. (I know,I'm weird.It's a badge of honor =D)

They are available to order here.

Well,I'm off to work now, I hope  you all have a great Thursday

Ginger-who just wants to stay at home today.


  1. I love NFU Oh...and of course I love the bottles as well :)

  2. Beautiful bottles and beautiful flakies. I have to order some flakies. Love all of the shades you choose.


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