Friday, April 2, 2010

Konad and Oops!

Remember yesterday when I said that I survived my an entire three months without buying nailpolish? Well, turns out that was false. Apparently,I made an order to Overall Beauty just so I could get a free bottle of Bassins Bleu II. I completely forgot about it until it showed up in my mailbox...along with the entire Butterfly collection! As a warning to everyone here,do not, I repeat,DO NOT,browse when you are sleep deprived! Or else you will order things you didn't intend to because you didn't have the presence of mind to stop yourself. *sheepishly* At least I only broke my no-buy once.

Thankfully,my no-buy didn't extend to Konad plates and I was able to buy the new ones before all the coupon codes ended. This beauty is courtesy of stamp M78,OPI Lincoln park After Dark Suede,and Nfu-Oh 63. I'm never sure how holos will transfer.Some work well, while others are a hot mess.As it turns out,Nfu-Oh polishes-at least the holo ones- are konad compatible. Sweet :)

both photos indoors with flash
 I purchased a few special polishes because I was afraid my regular ones wouldn't work with the stamp.As it turns out, most polishes do,unless they are super sheer or runny.A helpful list of konad-friendly polishes can also be found here.

 So what are your go to Konad polishes?

Have a wonderful evening!
Ginger-who is happy to have taken advantage of Nfu-Oh's month-long sale. Let the madness begin!


  1. Gorgeous color and love the konad. Can't wait for the swatches of the butterfly collection.

  2. Absolutley beautiful manicure. Love it.
    I have a lot of Konad Polish's. I found that they are slower to dry so you get more time to place the design. My favorites are the white, black and yellow.


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