Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is This Enough Purple?

I'm a very odd creature indeed.Whenever I purchase nailpolish,I always purchase the ones I am instantly drawn to.Most of the time this ends up working in my favor.I tend to pick out really unique colours before I can talk myself out of buying them. But in the weeks since my no-buy ended,it has resulted with me purchasing a lot of the same colour...Purple.

The hilarious thing is,I didn't even notice! The first thing I do after I've hauled is write it down in my stash catalogue and place it in my storage drawers.It wasn't until I decided to separate all my untrieds that I noticed that nearly every colour I've purchased in the past three weeks has been a shade of purple (and this is isn't even all of them!) It is safe to say,that purple has replaced shimmery red as my ultimate impulse shade.

In an effort to reduce my untried pile,the colours you see before you are the ones I'm going to be swatching this week...and possibly next week--I still have some purples in the mail.

Knowing me,this still won't be enough.


Have a happy Sunday ladies!

Ginger-who has also noticed an increase in the amount of cremes and jellies I have.Thanks a lot you guys.


  1. I am drawn to purples a lot too. I think its because purple can come in so many beautiful shades!

  2. This happens to me allll the time. I go through color phases. Recently it's been coral, but about a month ago, all I was buying was purple. I didn't even notice! Actually, lately I've been also really drawn to the candy pinks. I have been catching myself a bit more lately, and really thinking about whether or not I already have a similar color. Most of the time the answer is yes, haha.

  3. You can never have enough purple! They're all very pretty. I can't wait to see swatches.

  4. I love all those purples!!

    I just found you adding you on my personal bloglist!!

    I'm on a group blog le vernis chocolat and I also have my own nail blog pls follow thx :)

  5. THERE ARE NEVER ENOUGH PURPLES! seriously i'm totally hooked on purples i say the more the merrier :)

  6. That is a lot of purples, I see we have some in common, can not wait to see them!


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