Thursday, April 8, 2010

BB Couture Butterfly Collection Part III 1/2: Horned Devil

Good evening everyone! This is part 31/2 of my Butterfly Collection series.It was originally supposed to be Part 4,but I got really frustrated while attempting to swatch Peacock (Note to self: stop buying yellow.You hate it.) I'll probably try again this weekend...if I haven't drop-kicked it out the window first. *jokes*

Horned Devil is the second orange glitter (YEAAAHH! ORANGE GLITTER!!!!) in this collection. It's more of a red-orange than Painted Lady,and the base is a true jelly (visible nail lines and all) It's consistency is very similar to that of another BB Couture beauty, Hermosa Surfer Girl (right down to the yellow and green glitter.) I'm in love with this one because it is an exact match of the jelly sandals I owned when I was 6.

indoors no flash

outdoors no flash

outdoors no flash,sunset light

I apologize for the sloppy application.I was trying to get this swatched before the sun went down. In spite of the fact that I slopped it on,this polish applied really well (as BB Couture's often do.) It looks great with two coats, but I did three to even out my mistakes. This is definitely top 100 material :)

In other news, I just found out that Malcom MacLaren died today at the age of 64. I only knew of him as the former manager of the Sex Pistols but,he was also a talented musician in his own right. Given the overall theme of this post,his song Madame Butterfly would be the obvious choice.Unfortunately,I hate that song so, I won't be playing it. The one I'm choosing instead is the song that popped in my head at 6:30 this morning (now that I think about it... eerie!).I first heard it in Kill Bill Volume II and fell in love with its haunting melody. Rest in Peace Malcolm.

Ginger-who is happy because her local drugstore sells Del Sol polishes for $9.00!!!


  1. You really wear oranges well. I love BB Couture polishes, can't wait to order a few from the new collections.

  2. I heard about this today too. It made me sad! How perfectly haunting that you awoke with this song in your head.
    This orange is STUNNING. I love it on you! WANT.
    And y'know, I bet you look good in that yellow even though you don't like it!
    I gave you a Sunshine Award on my blog! ♥


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