Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BB Couture Butterfly Collection Part III: Painted Lady

What a beautiful name for a polish! I really hate the picture I got of this one but, I'm posting it anyway.I don't have time for a redo.This is one of two orange glitters (!) offered in this collection. *happy dance*
Painted Lady is a very pigmented orange jelly with yellow and green glitter.My only criticism is that some of the glitter gets buried underneath the polish.Instead of full-on sparkly goodness,I got sparse sparkly goodness with orange bumps. As with most BB Couture glitters,this one dries to a gritty finish.But,as I've said before this doesn't bother me.A good topcoat will make it smooth.

outdoors indirect sun
*ahem* ignore my dry cuticles

I love the colour orange because it always reminds me of summer.And Home Depot. Actually,this polish is a near-dupe of the HD logo with a little more red added.I love it despite its flaws <3

I hope to have Part IV of this series ready for tomorrow evening.Unfortunately,I'm having application issues with Peacock (yellow polish hates me),and I'm being extremely fussy about how Horned Devil is photographed (my efforts thus far,epic fail) so I'm not making any guarantees.

I haven't posted a music video in a while,so here is one of my current favourites. As a child of the 80's, music videos have always been a huge part of my life. For me,the images in the video are equally as important as the song.I'm also a sucker for fantastic cinematography. You can disagree with me  if you want, but I believe that the video for Forever Young* by Jay-Z and Mr Hudson is this generation's answer to Don Henley's Boys of Summer.Both videos perfectly capture the essence of being young and carefree.Watching this video makes me reminisce about the days when I didn't have to worry about grown-up things, like rent,or taxes.  *sigh* Those were the days...

*I also loved this song when it was originally recorded by Alphaville.Great sampling J :)

Have a happy Tuesday!

Ginger-who is really sick of hearing about the indiscretions of famous people.What happened to the news?


  1. I'm sick of hearing about their indiscretions as well...so they are human..move on!

    anyway this color is gorgeous and your cuticles do not look dry to me..if they are dry then I want top see a pic of them "moist"..LOL..:)

  2. Hi! same problem with the cuticles here *sigh* and i keep oilin them up :(
    this color looks sooooo fabulous on you perfect application and nail shape....stunning!


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