Sunday, April 4, 2010

BB Couture Butterfly Collection Part II: Caterpillar and A Comparison

I hate caterpillars. I don't remember exactly when my dislike for them started,but I know I was only a kid when it happened. I was standing under a tree outside my house,when one of those nasty,furry ones fell out of a tree and onto my neck--I hated the way that felt. I screamed,shook it off and avoided that tree for the rest of that summer. Now, I can't even look at a caterpillar without cringing in disgust. I'm not really afraid of them,I just hate them with an all-consuming passion. But,oddly enough I love butterflies. Just as long as they keep their caterpillar selves away from me.

OK,that's enough weirdness for today,I'm here to talk nails.

Caterpillar is the only green offering in this collection and it is a beauty! It's not unlike the colour of a real caterpillar (I am NOT putting a picture up to compare the two-gross!) a light olive-green with gold shimmer.I've said it before,and I'll continue to say it until someone agrees with me;BB Couture has the best greens EVER!   Including this one :)

indirect sun

...and just because I felt like it,a comparison swatch.

Index and Ring ;Iced Olive, Middle and Pinky;Caterpillar

These are analogous colours,but not duplicates.Both have gold shimmer,but Iced Olive is obviously darker.If I could find two lighter greens that are similar I could use these for an Ombre manicure (is that still in? I'm not up on nail art trends)

As per usual,the formula was excellent.No drag,or bald spots,and it was opaque in just two coats (the swatches are all done with 3 though) It also dries to a shiny finish without a topcoat.

So how do you feel about this Caterpillar?

Ginger-who is saying Happy Easter!


  1. Its hard to chose! They both look awesome and lovely on you!

  2. I've said it many times on your blog and others that BB Couture has the best greens! I bought every green they have. 'Cept this one. I have to make an order soon. We get infestations of those caterpillars in the trees. When my brother was little he used to play with them and name them all Charlie. Being a good older sister I stepped on all his Charlie's. I'm not too fond of caterpillars either. They do have some beautiful specimens. Love this shade of green on you. Very pretty.


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