Saturday, April 3, 2010

BB Couture Butterfly Collection Part I: Skipper and Emperor

Hello All!
Today I'm bringing you the first of four posts featuring BB Couture's Butterfly Collection! Each polish is named after a type of butterfly (Caterpillars are pre-op butterflies-ha!) This post is devoted to the pink/peach shades in this collection.


A hot fuchsia-pink with blue shimmer.I don't even need to tell you how much I love this colour! It's pink! It reminds me of Barbie shoes for some reason.I know a Skipper is a type of butterfly,but I will always be reminded of Barbie's flat-footed little sister whenever I hear the name of this polish. This is one of my favourite pinks of the year. Love!

outdoors direct sun


A peachy-pink creme with very subtle shimmer that is more visible in the bottle than it is on the nail.I love this one as well because it is so feminine and spring-like. I was expecting this colour to be darker,based on some of the swatches I've seen,but with my skin tone it reads much lighter.I was also a little confused by the name of this polish.Emperor butterflies are usually blue,purple,or brown (with either black or white) so the peach is a little random. It reminds me more of  the colour of strawberry mousse but,that could be because I'm hungry.

outdoors overcast

Application and dry time for both polishes was excellent. I don't usually use a topcoat with BB Couture because they dry really glossy. Which is one of the many reasons I love this brand so much.

Both of these colours can be ordered here for $9 each or $52 for the entire collection. 

So which colour do you prefer?

Ginger-who is so happy the weather is actually nice for once! Yay for Spring!


  1. these colours are sooo flattering on your skintone, i love pinks and peaches, and im the same that pink reminds me of barbie hehe

  2. ooh i'm loving that "emperor"
    and yeah, "skipper" totally reminds me of the doll. lol @ "flat-footed."

  3. I am really loving how emperor looks on your skin tone. Now I know that I must have it.


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