Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy Tag

I was tagged by two wonderful ladies,Scandalous and Nicole (a.k.a. Magic Maid) Thank you ladies! You all know how much I love doing these :)

So here are the rules: Post ten things that make you happy. Try to do at least one of them today. Link back to the person who tagged you, and tag up to ten other people.

-Books: I know,I know, I've mentioned them numerous times.But I really really  do love books. I read just about everything (including history books),but right now I'm into snarky,funny female writers like Chelsea Handler,Jen Lancaster,and Quinn Cummings.

-Animals make me happy: I am so sad that I'm not allowed to have another cat *shakes fist at landlord* I miss having a feline friend to ignore my every command ;) My cat died in August and it's been difficult to get used to the fact that my 18 year old baby isn't around anymore :(

-Nailpolish makes me happy: But that would be stating the obvious.I have been obsessed ever since I received my very first bottle.I was 7,and the colour was a very inappropriate bright red.(thanks cousin Kari!) My collection has expanded exponentially since then.

-Reality TV makes me happy: I'm a fan of the old school MTV shows,Real World,Road Rules and all the RW/RR Challenges (note to MTV: please put Coral,the Miz and Syrus in every season - kthnxbai). But I also love shows like Cake Boss,Say Yes to the Dress,and,I'm a little ashamed to admit,The Bachelor (uh-oh I may have to turn in my feminist card for that one :P)

-Being Canadian makes me happy: Canada is an awesome country.I love all of our eccentricities;putting vinegar,gravy and cheese curd on our fries (trust me;it's delicious!),adding extra "u's" to certain words (neighbour,colour,favourite),our tendency to use the word "Eh" all the time. Universal health care isn't bad either. Oh,and our athletes rock too :)

-My family makes me happy: My family is very large (and getting larger). I am so blessed to have been born into the family I'm in.Three years ago we traced my mother's paternal lineage to Baton Rouge Louisiana.When we met our American cousins we were immediately struck by how much we looked alike despite being separated for about 6 generations.That is so cool.

-My best friend makes me happy: Friendships made in high school usually grow apart after a few years,but I'm proud to say my bestie Li and I have been friends for 13 years and holding.I love her like a sister.

-Blogging makes me happy: I finally have a hobby that I've stuck to!(beading...not so much) I love writing and reading  other blogs and reading  all of your comments.They always make me smile or laugh out loud.You guys *ahem* ladies are wonderful and I'm privileged to count you as friends <3

-Food makes me happy: I love food! some of my best memories are directly related to food (weddings,parties,funerals...wait...did I say funerals? that's kind of rude) Drinks make me happy too.Tea,coffee,Pepsi,and lemonade to be more specific.

-Travel:It has been far too long since I've traveled somewhere. I got the traveling bug after I visited France and the UK in my senior year of high school.Since then I've been to nearly every New England state,New York,Maryland,Virginia,Ohio,Michigan, and the list goes on and on.I'd love to go overseas again though.

Now I have to pick other people to do this tag.I choose;

Mighty Lambchop (who is on vacay but i'm tagging her anyway)
Enamored Enamel

and everyone who hasn't done this tag yet but wants to,consider yourself tagged!

Ginger-who is happy to see the sun out today.I've missed it.

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