Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Party is Over, So Take Your Medals and Go Home

Good day All!

The Olympics are  long over now,*sadface* but that doesn't mean that I can't drag this out for as long as I possibly can, (you actually thought I was done? Fools! *jokes*). As an east-coaster I'll openly admit to hating on Vancouver because of their consistently amazing weather (they wear shorts while I'm shoveling my driveway? Not fair).This time, I'm all about the love. Van City did an awesome job representing Canada, and for the second last post in this series I'm going to tell you all of the hits of these Olympics.
(according to me,that is)

The Hits

-Team North America:USA and Canada both set Olympic records at these games.USA won a record 37 medals,and Canada won a record 14 golds.

-The Canadian fans: Who graciously cheered for everyone (except for the US hockey team of course :P)

-The infamous pants. Loud and proud!

-The closing ceremonies: Some of the performers were a little "iffy" (and that's just me being a music snob who can't stand Avril Lavigne,Hedley,or Nickelback),but I enjoyed our comedy kitsch routine (complete with giant inflatable beaver *tee-hee*).Many have tried,but no one makes fun of Canada better than Canadians. Plus, Neil Young rocks.

-Japadog:Who knew that Japanese-style hot dogs would be so popular? Vancouverites! That's who.

-Flame-haired snowboarders who can fly.

-Speedskating: A sport that is predictably unpredictable.

-The Russian national anthem: It's long...really long,but beautiful. Can't wait for Sochi 2014.

-Team USA goalie Ryan Miller: Played so amazingly well that he had a country of 33 million people scared of him.That's power,man.

-Figure Skater Joannie Rochette: Skated to win a bronze medal 4 days after her mothers' death.The personification of strength and dignity.

-Canada's short track speedskating team: Executed a brilliant strategy that earned them the gold medal. And they're cute :)
-The Dutch: Because no one else looks better in bright orange.

-The Zip Line: Loads of people actually stood in line for hours to do this.Even though I think it's crazypants, it's going on the list because of its popularity.

-This guy: Because he's a real Canadian hero :) Now could someone please give him back his hockey gear?

-The Swedish women's curling team.Not only did they beat Canada in a close game,they did it while wearing blue nailpolish. Love!

-The Canadian women's curling team:Played well throughout the entire tournament and came this-close to winning it all. Also,if you've been following the press,their skip is quite the stunner.

-The entire Norwegian Olympic team: Don't hate them 'cause they're beautiful.

So now I'm left with the daunting task of remembering what life was like before the Olympics took over. Usually,I'll slip some Olympic-related tidbit or another into my daily conversation.Most of the time,people engage me because I'm an obsessed weirdo.But some employ the "Wow-that's -really-interesting-I'm-walking-away-from-you-now" ,strategy.

I wonder if there's some kind of support group.

My NOTD is China Glaze Luna.A pretty,gritty,sliver-blue glitter. I love it because it is both uniform,and kind of crazy,what,with all the different types of glitter.I normally don't wear a lot of silver,but this one is cool and wintry.Beautiful.

no flash,indirect light

blurry to show the sparkle!

A quick apology for being M.I.A. for the past few days.I re-aggravated an old back injury and could not sit at the computer for extended periods of time.But,muscle relaxers are a girl's best friend in situations like this,and I really wanted to finish this series. Part two drops tomorrow.

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who is pondering my next move...Hmmm.


  1. Oh! I was just wondering, I hadn't seen a post from you in a few days. I'm sorry you hurt yourself!
    Boy, the wrap up was just as good as the series.
    And Luna is a STUNNER.

  2. I think you need to come to Australia, stay at my house, and we can do manicures all day. That sounds worthwhile!

  3. Great recap, I am super sad that the Olympics are over too!

  4. Hope your back is doing better. I have a big supply of Lidoderm patches. It's a 5% Lidocaine in a patch form. It really helps to relieve pain. I wish I could have an outfit made out of the stuff. I too suffer from back pain and joint pain in general. Thank you so much for all of your interesting Olympic facts. I really enjoyed them. I also like teasing you about the Olympics. Great fun and great posts. Luna is just beautiful on you. I just love all of my China Glaze glitters.


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