Saturday, March 20, 2010

NOTD:BB Couture Opposites Attract

Hello Everyone!
At the risk of sounding like a broken record I'm going to apologize yet again for the lack of posts this month.I just needed a little break from posting. I have still been reading blogs, I've  just been slack with commenting...and responding to comments. I'll be back to posting regularly next week (and then you'll all be wishing  I'd take another break *jokes*)

In my absence I realized that it's been ages since my last NOTD post. On this beautiful spring day,I wanted to wear something pretty and chic. So I chose grey.

BB Couture Opposites Attract is a lovely medium grey with clear and black glitter particles within.At first glance it reminded me of wet cement (as a contractor's daughter I've seen my fair share of the stuff ) especially with the specks of black. I adore this colour because it offers an acceptable alternative for all the ladies out there who think that pastels are pukey.


outdoors no flash


indoors no flash

indoors with flash

I haven't always been fond of grey polish,mostly because the colour grey always reminded me of my black and white photography class.My professor wanted perfection...and  a discernible monochromatic colour scale in every photograph.If a photo had more grey than it did black or white,it was immediately rejected and I had to go back to the dark room and try again.And again.Needless to say,the colour grey was my arch-enemy for an entire semester,I didn't regain my love for it until the summer of 2007.

We've been BFF's ever since :)

Do you have an "I used to hate it now I love it" colour? If so, what was it?

Happy Saturday!

Ginger-who now has this song in her head because of the name of this polish. Fabulous.


  1. *coughgoldcough* Yes, I LOVE THIS! I love greys. All of them. I haven't seen a bad one yet.
    Also - don't feel bad! Sometimes we all need a break.
    I'm fixing to have to take one. (PS, how's that for southern slang?)
    And, that's not to say you haven't been missed. It's good to "hear" from you!

  2. I used to hate oranges. Now, I really love them, but sadly, its a rare orange that works with my skintone. It is usually only neons that I can pull off, which makes me sad because in the fall pumpkin oranges come out and I want them...but, no dice. Makes me look horrid.
    I loooooooooove that grey on you. So pretty

  3. I love this color!
    I used to hate pinks on me but recently I have found a new love for pink!

  4. I've been missing you but I am just as bad for being missing. Take a nice break and enjoy yourself. I don't blog but I even got tired of reading about nail polish. It also was wonderful for my wallet. I can't think of any color that I used to hate. I like them all with some better than others. My brain refuses to work today. Love the grey on you. Very pretty. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Love this!
    Orange is probably my used to not like color. But it wasn't nail polish that changed that for me. It was house paint. For reals. I was looking at paint chips when I first bought my house and I fell in love with the brightest, juiciest orange paint and I had to have it. So my bedroom is orange. The end. ;)

    No worries about commenting. I'm barely getting back to business myself. I ain't got nothing but love for ya!


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