Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hello All!

I originally did this mani during my Olympics hysteria,with the intention of including it in one of my "I-love-Canada" posts. I decided against it because I thought the colour I used was too dark,and therefore,not patriotic enough. The weird thing is,the whole idea behind this mani was for it to be patriotic without being all "IN YOUR FACE!' about it.Oh well. This is confirmation that I'm really odd :)

To create this look I used Milani Garnet Gems as a base,konad special polish in white for the stamp,and plate M35 for the design.

I really like it because it's both girly and edgy. I generally prefer full-image konad plates over the small ones because I find them easier to work with. I only have a few small image plates and I always dread working with them. I didn't mangle this one too badly,but it seems as though whenever I try to transfer a small image to my nail, I screw it up.

Maybe it's just me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow,because I have not one,but three posts scheduled (including my first product review!) It's going to be marginally interesting exciting!
Have a great evening!

Ginger-who has been very tempted to break her no-buy. Thanks a lot Overall Beauty


  1. trust me, it's NOT just you! I'm terrified of those smaller images & I alawys seem to mess them up! I am LOVING that color!

  2. I love it Ginger! Garnet gems looks awesome on you!

  3. Love the garnet shade on you. My favorites are always the dark colors. I also love pastels but don't use them as often. The design is adorable.


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