Monday, March 29, 2010

A Konad For Cleaning Day

Hello All!
I decided to do this konad during a break from house cleaning (I also watched a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon.I like to take long breaks :P) I used  1 coat  of China Glaze QT for the base,konad special polish in blue pearl for the design, and the plate I used was M65.

While I was dusting, I noticed that my all-purpose cleaner bottle matched my mani almost perfectly,so I decided to use it as a prop. (I won't name the brand because they're not paying me to advertise for them)

one picture,indirect sunlight

Have I mentioned how much I hate housework? It's evil,but the reward is far worth all the pain it takes to get there.Sometimes.

I wish I had something witty or interesting to say,but I don't. Maybe tomorrow?

Love,Ginger-who is happy to report no konads were harmed during the cleaning process.


  1. I hate housework ,too - but your nails are divine!


  2. Your mani is really pretty.

  3. What a great combo! I love this look.

  4. Love this color combo with this design! I should be doing some housework but im looking at all my fav nail blogs instead.:)


  5. I love those colors together, so bright! Haha, we all hate housework right?!

  6. Love your manicure and am in complete aggrement with your hatred of cleaning. If only I had someone to do it for me!


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