Monday, March 1, 2010

A Big Glowing Heart

WOOO HOOO!!!! *\o/*
There ain't enough cowbells in the world to express the overwhelming joy I feel.
(don't worry my American friends,I'm not going to gloat about the hockey game-even though we totally kicked your butts :P)
My joy has nothing to do with the medal count (even though it was awesome)
Or the record number of golds Canada won, (14 first place finishes? Insane!)

I am proud because of how well Vancouver represented our country.

Before the games,much was said about Canada's new "cocky" image. How we were "all hat and no cattle".In the first week of competition some of our best athletes cracked under the metric ton of pressure placed upon them. Journalists speculated that we wouldn't "own the podium" after all. The funny thing is,as fans and ordinary Canadians, we all rallied behind our athletes. If they gave their all and came in 5th,we still cheered as if they'd won gold because they gave their all. By the second week it was as if the waves of positive energy,being sent from every Canadian, made its way to the athletes.We went on a winning streak that lasted until the final day (how about that last goal? Classic). And we didn't just cheer for our athletes, we cheered for yours too. Because,after all,that's what friends do.
Even when you were competing against us.

As it turns out,Canada's so-called "new confident image" isn't so new after all.We have always proud of this country.All we needed was the proper platform to show the rest of the world how proud we are. Even though there's an extra swagger in our step,we still remain the same,solid,humble,overly apologetic,polite,nice guys that we always were. We just have more medals now.

Canada is a nation with a checkered past. It stands as both a beacon of freedom (for my ancestors, former slaves and refugees) and as a symbol of crushing oppression (for our First Nations,Acadians and Japanese, to name a few). But it also is a nation that has learned from past mistakes.With time,we have learned that,though we have differences,we are all the same.

This Olympics,more than any other,has re-awakened my national pride. Despite the challenges,(the death of an athlete on a safety approved track,no WINTER!, transportation issues etc...). Vancouver has done Canada proud. It welcomed the world with open arms and red-mitten-ed hands and exemplified the role of a gracious host. As a 6th generation Canadian,(by way of Louisiana,Massachusetts and somewhere in the continent of Africa) I have never been more proud of my country and its people.
 Well done Canada :)

This is the konadicure I wore over the weekend.The last time the Canadian men competed for gold in hockey,I wore french mani with a red base and gold tips.This time I wanted something a little more jazzy so I used plate M60 with China Glaze Ruby Pumps as a base and 2030 for the stamp.
I think it turned out pretty well :)

I was hesitant to begin this series of posts because I thought that sports had no place on a beauty blog. (judging by the searches leading people here I'm probably right) but then I remembered that I,as the author,can write about whatever I want (ha ha!). The response I've gotten is overwhelmingly positive.

Thank you all for following along :)

The next video is my pick for the Olympic theme song. If you live in Canada, you know that this is the actual song.But after watching hours of coverage,hearing this song played whenever one of our athletes won a medal,during montages,interludes,and commercials,instrumental versions,choral versions,versions in both French and English, I am sick of this song.I hate it in fact.It's too saccharine,it has improper use of grammar (not that I'm one to judge) and,while I appreciate the sentiment.It was so overplayed! Now whenever I hear the first three notes,I scramble for my remote and scream, "Nooooo!" 

However,when I heard this one,I thought "Now that is an anthem!" Perfectly sums up the spirit of the games.


Ginger-Who has two more Olympics related posts planned before I finally accept the fact that they're over. And that makes me sad :(


  1. Wow, so your family made it to Canada from Louisiana! Amazing! I bet you have some amazing family stories

  2. Aww! Although I really didn't have the interest in the Olympics,I thoroughly enjoyed your posts, I have to say. You almost made me want to watch them just because of your enthusiasm!
    As to whether sports belong on a beauty blog - I think you're right, it's your blog - and obviously everyone agreed! :)
    Boy, I bet your family has some interesting history. Being a huge history buff, I'd love to hear those stories!
    This is such a super pretty Konad.

  3. Yay!! I'm glad you enjoyed the Olympics! I sure did!! I miss it already!!!
    I nominated you for an award on my blog, please go check it out!

    Love the mani!

  4. Love the manicure. I'm sure it helped the Canadian Hockey team win the gold medal in hockey! I for one loved your Olympic coverage and Canadian prid. (((hugs & kisses)))


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