Friday, March 5, 2010

Behind Every Silver Lining There's A Dark Cloud...

As promised,part deux of my Olympics wrap-up.It was difficult to let go of my pro-Olympics bias,but I managed to find a few things that I would call misses.

In no particular order they are:

-Blaming everyone but yourself for your shortcomings: Granted, only a few athletes did this,but each time it sounded like sour grapes.Whether it was biased judging,faulty equipment,the venue,the dog eating their homework, or "personal problems",a loss or disqualification was always someone else's' fault. Sure it was. The only athlete who can legitimately say that is this guy. Everyone else should just suck it up and move on.

-NBC's Olympics coverage:Occasionally I would watch just to gain a different perspective (and to get away from that horrid song),Every single time I would wonder,"What happened to the athletes from the other countries?". Even with its Canada-specific slant,our Olympic tv station showed the entire competitions even when we were out of the medal round.NBC? not so much.The time delay was pretty horrible too.

-Speaking of which,That horrid song. The singer has a beautiful voice,and the song has a beautiful melody.I would have loved it,but for the fact that IT WAS PLAYED CONSTANTLY FOR TWO WEEKS! Now I hate it. (i may have mentioned that before...)

-NBC's fascination with Lindsey Vonn: If I could invent a drinking game it would be called,"How many times will NBC show Lindsey Vonn on camera?" Each person would take a shot for each time her face was shown on screen,and I guarantee you'd be drunk before the next commercial. During the closing ceremonies it was almost as if the people in the control room were saying,"Let's see what Lindsey thinks of William Shatner...and Michael Buble...and the giant moose! Don't focus on the other guys,WE WANT MORE LINDSEY!" She is an amazing athlete who also happens to be stunningly beautiful,but there are other people on the team.

-The lack of viable seating in Whistler: The people who paid for standing room seats for snowboarding were refunded their money,but why wasn't there a Plan B in place? Not cool man.

-Running out of condoms in the athletes village: You should have known this would happen.
Condoms make the best water balloons ;)

-The IOC dictating how athletes should celebrate: I'm all about keeping things dignified and classy,but as long as the athlete isn't blatantly disrespectful, how they celebrate is none of your business.(this may have been a bit much,but to each his own)

My NOTD is one of Nubar's stunning multi-chromes. Gold Leaf is a copper,gold,mauve,orange,and pink beauty. It has been grey outside for the entire week,so I can't show you all of the colours, but it's still pretty gorgeous. If you don't have this one yet,pick it up.You won't regret it. Unless you hate this colour.
indoors with flash

indoors no flash

indoors with flash

Is it weird that I'm sad about the end of the Olympics?

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who was going to order the complete set of Olympics DVDs...but the website only takes Visa.
That's just mean.


  1. Oh, and I just want to say, I have REALLY enjoyed your Olympics posts. I'm not huge into the Olympics, so I learned alot of cool stuff

  2. I loooooooooooooooooove the color! Its the color of that guys bronze medal. I personally think it was kind funny, I mean he's a *duuuuuuuuuude* did people not expect him to hit on girls with it? Taking pictures probably wasn't the best idea, but still. Funny to me. Its something I could see my brothers' high school baseball team doing. Just guys bein guys

  3. Scandalous-Thank you :) I agree with you
    110%. He's like, 20 for pete's sake! I thought the whole situation was hilarious.Having him expelled from Vancouver was a bit much, hellooo! this is what 20 year-olds do-especially at their first olympics! The IOC is kind of a stodgy organization anyway.And it means a lot to me that you've enjoyed them. I was worried at first seeing as how this isn't a sports blog,but I'm so glad you all were so accepting :) It made it even more fun.

  4. Gold leaf is your color ginger! This is so gorgeous on you!

  5. You know, Gold Leaf? Ahh, Gold? Leaf? This could not be more perfect to end your Olympic series, as a Canadian. Then there's the little fact that it's a stunner on you!

  6. Love this shade of polish on you. I am sick to death of Lindsay also. Come one, there were many other athletes that deserved some airtime. I for one love to see stories on athletes from other countries. How about athletes that it's just an honor to be there. There's no way in Hell that they would medal or even be in the top 25. I would like to see some of the people at the bottom. I'm sad the Olympics are over.


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