Friday, February 26, 2010

When Canada Stopped Being Polite and Started Getting Real

OK,I  admit I shamelessly stole that line from the intro to MTV's The Real World (love the old seasons, "meh" to the new ones). Anywhoo,Canada is doing amazingly well at these Olympics :) We may not "own the podium" (that honour has been bestowed upon our great neighbours to the South), but we have decided that coming in third isn't good enough anymore.We want to win gold dammit!

Canadians can best be described as genteel,and polite. Initially I doubted our status as a nice country. No one is that nice.
That is,until the other day. I was walking to work and texting (shut up) and literally ran into someone.To my surprise she apologized first.And then I apologized,and then she apologized again,and then I apologized.Then we both burst into laughter and talked about what a "Canadian" moment that was,two women  standing in a parking lot,arguing over who was the most apologetic.
 So yeah,that's how we roll.If you bump into us, we're the first to say sorry for getting in your way.
We're the nice upstairs neighbour who never complains when you have loud parties.
When you go on vacation we'll water your plants and feed your cat.
 When you make fun of us we just smile good-naturedly,and say "Oh, silly!"
 If you go to war,we go to war with you.
Unless,of course,we don't agree with your reason for going and then you are angry at us for  the next 8 years because we  supposedly left you hanging.
*shakes fist at Bush*

Aww heck,we'll never stop being polite :)

We're forever living in the shadow of  the U.S of A. and we're OK with that.
We don't really like to brag about our achievements much.We prefer to make self-deprecating comments and try our best to stay out of the spotlight. Case in point,before the Olympics began,our Prime Minister had to tell us to cheer  "like the Americans do"...but not too loudly though, because we don't want to hurt any one's feelings.

We are the Ned Flanders of Nations and gosh-diddly-darn proud of it :)

My NOTD is Quirius Autumn Bronze. It's lovely olive-toned bronze with shimmer and that glowy, "lit-from within look".

indoors with flash

indoors no flash

And for a more detailed and articulate explanation of Canada's close ties with the US,here's an excerpt of a feature done by journalist Tom Brokaw.It made me cry.

So I guess this wouldn't be a good time to mention that we have half as many medals as you do but just as many golds? Congrats!

I'm sorry :)

Ginger-who is happy about Canada's new confident image.


  1. I'm American and I love you guys in Canada! But then again, I'm from Wisconsin and close enough to almost be in Canada myself.

  2. That is a gorgeous color and I love how polite Canadians are! You kill the world with kindness! :D

  3. I love this post! Lol, I love the descriptions, and seriously did your President have to tell you to cheer? Is that really an american thing? Or is it a Southerner thing, I can remember me and my Southern nana being the loudest at little brothers baseball tournaments. Hmmm. This is an interesting thread I'm gonna be pulling at now...
    That gold polish is so pretty. I wish I could wear gold :(

  4. redrover189-You're from a border state? Awesome! We love you Americans right back :)

    Gilded Angel-LOL! Thank you :)I like that idea,slaying the world with "please",and "thank you" :)

    Scandalous-Thank you :) Yes he did! I believe his exact words were,"We will ask the world to forgive us this uncharacteristic outburst of patriotism." It's not normal for us to be so exuberant. And to answer your question,I think it's both ;)A few years ago my cousin from Louisiana visited and he was,by far,the loudest,most enthusiastic,person at our family picnic. And we were only playing horseshoes! I think the US could teach us a thing or two about how to cheer without feeling guilty about it.

  5. Love your manicure! I adore the olive tones. Congrats on winning the GOLD for women's hockey, short track speed skating individual and team. I can't believe your Prime Minister said that. You are such a polite country. Love you right back! That's funny about your little "run in". That's a comedy sketch in the making. Hope you win more gold but not in hockey. Nah, I just want who's the best to win.


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