Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Sparkly Prize and More Memories

Some of the best Olympic moments happen off the field (or ice,or snow).
 One of my favourites happened during a press conference at the Salt Lake City games. Figure skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier(winners of a controversial silver medal) were reacting to the IOC decision to award them a second gold medal amid the discovery of collusion and vote-fixing involving the judges of several nations (subsequently resulting in the suspension of French judge Marie Reigne Le Gougne). When asked what he thought of the situation,quick-witted Pelletier responded,"We'll take the bronze too so we can have a full set." Classic.

Legendary Norwegian speed-skater Johann Olav Koss used his success to help others.He founded Right To Play,an humanitarian organization that uses sport and play to aid the development of underprivileged children all around the world.

And on Monday evening,after winning the Canada's first gold medal in ice dance,Scott Moir took the opportunity to prank his partner Tessa Virtue.Knowing that she never listens to competitors' scores,he told her that they earned the silver medal instead. Cute :)

Now to the nails,

 I've been wearing a lot of red lately,so I thought Nubar Prize would be a perfect glittery choice for my mani. It just might be my favourite red holo glitter ever.

indoors with flash

indoors with flash
indoors no flash
blurred to show the sparklies

I have enjoyed rooting for everyone,but my heart is with the Canadian team.I'm proud of every single one of our athletes,whether they came in first,fifth,or forty-fifth. Keep up the great work,Canada :)

Ginger-who is happy for the Canadian ice dancers but,is wondering why the some of the other competitors are being so unsportsmanlike.Clearly,someone has been drinking the "we-are-always-the-best-even-when we're-not", kool-aid.

Hello pot, meet kettle.


  1. That is a gorgeous polish; and I remember that press conference; I laughed so hard!

  2. How weird, in most of your pictures it looks pink and I was just thinking what a stunning pink holo! Hahaha. Shows you what I know. Phew, but it's so pretty on you!

  3. Gilded Angel-Thanks :) That press conference is one of my all-time favourite moments,it was so funny!

    Nicole-Thank you:) and it isn't you.For some reason my camera reads this polish as pink.I could only get the red to show without flash and it's still inaccurate.The true colour is somewhere in between the two.

  4. What a riot! I'm glad that they've fixed the soring figure skating. I know that not everyone will be satisfied. I stopped watching figure skating for awhile. My God that poor girl losing her Mother and then skating. Even Scott Hamilton was crying while commentating. The whole audience was in tears. Finally got your snow! We're supposed to get our snow today. I guess I won't do any skiing today! Your nails look beautiful. The mountain is very foggy so wish me luck!


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