Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smitten With Mittens?

We Canadians love our winter accessories. From parkas, to toques (a.k.a. knit hats), we have made a fine art of bundling up for bad weather in style. In September, the Hudson's Bay Company (a store as old as Canada itself) released a pair of red,knit mittens in hopes of selling 1 million to support our Olympic team. Well, six months and 2.3 million pairs later, these mittens are the most sought after accessory of 2010. They're sold out on the website,sold out in stores and whenever they're replenished they sell out again!Canada is truly Smitten with Mittens.

 I have a love hate relationship with mittens.I love them because they keep my hands warm,and I don't love them because they cover up my nails. I'm still on the hunt for my own pair of red mittens.I guess I'll just have to wait.
Which brings me to my other topic;Nail polish.

 OPI is also Smitten With Mittens!

(corny,but it works :P) 

This colour was released earlier this winter as a part of OPI's Holiday Wishes collection. It a beautiful claret-coloured polish with gold glitter. The glitter isn't as prominent as some of the other red glitter polishes (Ruby Pumps,for one),but the effect is no less dazzling. I only wish I'd purchased a back up bottle because it looks like it is sold out everywhere.

Just like those dang mittens.


indirect sunlight,no flash

indoors no flash *blurry to show glitter*

indoors no flash

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Ginger-who was tempted to buy mittens on evilbay until I saw what they were going for. 27 bucks???Please. I'll just put on a helmet and elbow pads and muscle my way through the crowd,thanks.


  1. Evil Bay! I call it that too. Hahaha!
    This is one of the reds I DID NOT PURCHASE. Dang it! And here you taunt me with it. Nah, just kidding. I saw it somewhere on a website, a couple weeks ago, and still decided I didn't need it. I'm good with the ones I got from this collection - but it's really pretty on you!

  2. I love those mittens. They are adorable. I love mittens for the same reason as you. I also am bugged by them because I can't pick things up. Love that shade of red. Very pretty. I haven't been buying any reds since I have so many.

  3. Beautiful color! My boyfriend got me a pair of those mittens while he was visiting family in Canada, and they are SO warm and comfy!

  4. Nicole-Thank you! I only call it Evilbay because of their tendency to price gauge. This collection had a lot of great colours to choose from,so I'm glad I chose this one :)

    Lucy-I prefer to wear gloves.They aren't as warm,but they allow for more movement in the fingers.I had to stop buying reds too. I think I have enough :)

    Gildedangel-Thank you!They are really nice mittens, I gave the pair I bought as a gift. I will have my own pair someday though :)


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