Monday, February 22, 2010

A Red and Gold Konad

As an avid Olympics spectator,I've seen a lot of memorable moments. I have a huge list of favourites from both the winter and summer games,but here are a few that stand out.

In no particular order...

1.2000 Sydney:Australian sprinter Cathy Freeman carrying both the Aboriginal and Australian flags after winning the 400m.
2.1998 Nagano:Canadian figure skater Elvis Stojko earning a silver medal in spite of a groin injury and a bout of the flu.
3.1988 Seoul: American Florence Griffith-Joyner sprints her way to Olympic gold (and in the record books) in the 100m.
4.1994 Lillehammer: Russian figure skaters Gordeeva and Grinkov win their  second Olympic title with two beautiful performances.
5.2002 Salt Lake City: Canadian hockey fans rejoice as both the men and  the women win gold.

6.1996 Atlanta: Donovan Bailey anchors the Canadian team and leads them to victory in the 100m relay and the 100 m sprint.
7.2006 Torino:USA almost sweeps the podium  for the second time in the mens' halfpipe.Finland wins the bronze.
8.2004 Athens: Canadian Kyle Shewfelt becomes the first Canadian gymnast to win a gold medal in artistic gymnastics. (Lori Fung Methorst won in rhythmic gymnastics in 1984)

9.1992 Albertville: Kristi Yamaguchi wins gold in ladies figure skating.

10.2008 Bejing: Michael Phelps breaks the record set by Mark Spitz and wins 8 gold medals at a single Olympics.

I thought I'd try a slightly different take on this mani by using red on gold. Base colour is Quirius 24kt,stamp colour is konad special red special polish.The plate is M63.

I don' t know what it is about the Olympics,but every four years I suddenly become an armchair expert in every sport. Half the time I don't even know a triple lutz from a triple axel yet I can discuss--at length--the difference between having a program that is technically excellent,versus a program that is artistically excellent. The other day I was even discussing a skater's lines. I know next to nothing about moguls,but I could soundly defend Alexandre Bilodeau's and Hannah Kearney's victories like an expert.

Please make it stop before I start talking about bobsled.

Ginger-who frequently annoys her roomates by screaming at the TV.Yep.I'm that girl ;)


  1. I love your blog and have been following for quite some time! Keep up your wonderful work.

  2. Well another gold medal for Canada! Ice Dancing which was so beautiful and exciting. The Canadians deserved to win. It was a beautiful program. Amazing how much we know wathcing the Olympics every four years. I haven't watched a whole curling game. I don't know if I could. The athelet's make it look so easy. I though cross country skiing looked really easy. I bought a ski machine when it first came out. I nearly killed myself. I just couldn't get the hang of it. My girlfriend got on and nearly did a split on it. I was hysterical and she wasn't. I sold it to a guy I worked with who bought it for his brother. His brother skied and had no problem with it. Thanks for jogging my memory with different events. I loved Elvis Stojko, Brian Boitano and darn if I can remember the other guy. It wasn't Brian Orser, I just couldn't stand him. I've watched since I was little. I can remember the big, heavy Russian weight lifter. Peggy Flemming and Dorothy Hamel. I so wanted that haircut. It just didn't look good on me. Franz Klammer the skier. I could go on forever. I adore ice skating. That's my favorite winter sport. Love your manicure.

  3. JackieA-Thank you so much!

    Gilded Angel-Thank you :)

    Susie1955-Thank you :)

    KONADomania-Thank you :)

    Lucy-Thank you :) I'm constantly being surprised at how much info I've retained over the years.Wasn't that performance awesome? I stayed awake until 1:00 am watching figure skating but it was well worth it.Both pairs skated amazingly well- especially Tessa and Scott.I can cross-country ski,but I fail at down hill.I thinkthe skater you're talking about is Kurt Browning? He was amazing.Too bad he never won an Olympic gold medal,he definitely should have. I stopped watching ice skating in 1998 after the first couple of judging scandals.But I just before the 2002 Olympics.And then that thing with Sale and Pelletier happened
    *grumble*french judge*grumble*
    and I stopped again.I'm glad they changed the scoring system.It allows for more fairness in judging.


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