Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Plate,Two Ways Pt. II

Good Day Everyone!

This is Part II of my One Plate,Two Ways series. Today's plate is.... M57!

#1. Base Colour Nfu-Oh 63, stamp colour Rimmel Torrid.&>

#2. Base Colour OPI La Boheme,stamp colour Nubar Sun Gold (have I mentioned how awesome these are for stamping?)

in indirect sunlight

I was a little obsessed with this one so I took several pics of it!

I think I like #1 for Valentine's Day.It's pretty,but sassy at the same time. And you can never go wrong with La Boheme so I love #2 as well.

Do you have a preference,or do you like both?

Well, that's all folks!

Have a stellar day :)

Ginger-who has spent the last two days watching tv,sleeping,and drinking tea.Yep,I'm livin' the dream.


  1. Oh wow! Great!
    And a job wel done.
    Looks very crisp!

  2. I don't know which one I like better....I adore leopard designs, and holos, but then there is the fishnet's too early! Love them both!

  3. Don't make me make my mind up. It's impossible to choose. Both patterns are on my top ten Konad designs. I choose both as my favorites!

  4. I love both! I still haven't bought a Konad because I'm afraid I would be just unable to obtain something good, but soon I will try, your nails are really gorgeous!!!
    BTW I love polish AND books too ;-)


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