Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Plate,Two Ways Pt I

Hello Lovelies!

Here are Two Konads I did using plate M64;

#1: Base colour Nubar Chocolate Caramel,stamp colour Nubar Sun Gold (a beautiful orange,gold,and pink multi-chrome)
This one is perfect for fall!

#2: Base colour China Glaze Joy,stamp colour konad special polish in Light Green (i think...)
and I love this one because I only used 1 coat of polish.One!


I love them both,but I'm kinda disappointed that I couldn't get better pictures.It's sunny,but still frigid outside so I'm relegated to taking sunlight pics next to windows.  I'm so done with winter.

Well, That's all I have to show you this evening. Part two of this series is scheduled for tomorrow.

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who had to wear five layers of clothing just to walk to the mailbox this morning. Did I mention how much I love winter?


  1. Both are beautiful! I love a one coat polish!

  2. both are very pretty! And it's very cold here, too....snowing again!!! :B

  3. Love both shades. You don't want to go outside in the freezing cold so we can see the true color? Ha! You'd would have to be crazy. Love both manicures.


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