Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello All!
Welcome to my first theme week!
 In honor of the Vancouver Olympics I will be featuring red nail polish for the next 17 days!
OK, I'm joking. Even I'd get bored with that.

 What I will be doing is inundating you with useless olympic facts,and updates and trying somehow to connect it with nail polish.

Why you ask?

Because I am an Olympics fanatic and I'll be eating,sleeping,and breathing Olympics until it's all over.

 I don't know about the rest of you,but I was a weeping ball of mush while watching the opening ceremonies. I cried when Nikki Yanofsky sang the national anthem. I cried when the four Aboriginal host nations welcomed everyone to Vancouver in their native tongue. I cried when the Georgian Olympic team got a standing ovation,and I even cried during the slam poetry reading.

Aw, heck I cried during the entire thing.
 (stop laughing)

 During the parade of nations I couldn't help but think of all of you as the athletes representing your countries walked into the stadium.
I thought of the amazing aerial skier Alisa Camplin when I saw the Australian team.
Croatia is the home of Janica Kostelic,one of the best alpine skiers of all time.
The Dutch team has brought us some of the best speed skaters I've ever seen.
Slovakia is the birthplace of the great NHL hockey player Zdeno Chara,who at 6"9' is the tallest man to ever play the sport.
 Finland is home to one of my favourite hockey players ever,Teemu Selanne.
The U.S.A is an Olympic powerhouse.They've won more Olympic medals than anyone else in the world. Norway is the winning-est country in the history of the winter Olympics (and I am I the only one who noticed that everyone on the team looked like a supermodel? just sayin') 
And is there a country more dominant in alpine skiing than Austria? I don't think so.
Denmark beat us at Curling in 1998. Please don't ask me what Curling is.
 Russian figure skaters have dominated pairs figure skating for decades. Until 2002 when Canadians Jamie Sale and David Pelletier were awarded a gold medal.(Long story)
And Sweden? Well, they're the defending Olympic champs in hockey so a lot of Canadians are still bitter about that (not me of course :P)

*whew* that was a lot of facts in a short time!

What I love most about the Olympics is how everyone,no matter where they are from, is united by sport. For those of us who enjoy the Olympic games,it is a chance for us to support our countries,show our pride,and feel connected to others who feel the same way we do. The games serve as a reminder to all of us that we are more alike than we are different.

I love that.

OK,I didn't mean to ramble on that long

I chose OPI An EL-Of a Color as my NOTD because it is a muted brick-red with gold shimmer.
And it matches the team Canada hoodie I'll be wearing for the next two weeks.

Have an awesome day ladies!

Ginger-who is wishing I wasn't such an abysmal failure at nail art. I have so many great ideas!


  1. Thanks for all the Olympic information. I love the games. I try to watch as much as I can. Thank God for the laptop! I'm on Facebook playing games and watching the Olympics. I have to get back to these blogs. Congrats on Canada's first win of the games. A gold medal for skiing. I forget what the name of the sport is but it hurts my knees to watch it. What an amazing finish to the event. I was so happy Canada finally won their first gold medal at home. My favorite is figure skating, skiing, luge and bob sled. I was so upset by the death of the Georgian luger. The games must go on. I loved KD Lang. She has just the most beautiful voice. Your nails also look spectacular. Gold medal for you in manicures!

  2. Love these facts. I only get into a couple events each summer or winter games. I can't watch speed skating. It makes me nauseaous because I really don't want to see someones finger sliced off or an artery hit and watch them bleed out on t.v. Its too gruesome when there is an accident. But I love singles and pairs ice skating, and of course snowboarding.

  3. Wow! That was cool reading all of those interesting facts about the Olympics. Nice nail polish color too. I've not seen this Opi before,and always wondered what kind of red it was. Very Canadian indeed!!

  4. That is a gorgeous color! I am an Olympics junkie too, and I cried during the opening ceremony, and I cry everytime I watch a medals awards ceremony, even if it isn't the US anthem playing lol.

  5. I didn't laugh until you said "don't laugh" and then I started giggling. I couldn't help myself.
    I have always wondered what this color would look like, it's awesome! And it totally suits you.


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