Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old School:Sally Hansen Glowing Heart Red

Don't you just love country exclusive collections? No? Me neither. Though I have to admit,I am pretty pleased to be on the receiving end of a few of them. Apparently,Sally Hansen has some kind of love affair with Canada, because every so often they release a collection that is available (almost) exclusively to us. Boo-Yah. Glowing Heart Red was released sometime in the late 90's (along with several other reds) as a part of an exclusive Canada Day collection. If memory serves me correctly, the collection also had Canada-inspired decals,and a red and white french manicure kit. If I had better quality lighting, you would be able to see that it's a medium red jelly with silver and clear shimmer. It definitely isn't this orange in real life.

indoors with flash

indoors no flash

The formula is pretty standard SH; thin,and runny.But, if you like jellies with a bit of sparkle, this is a good one.Unfortunately, it's both a country-exclusive,and HTF.The only colours I can think of that would be dupe-ish are OPI Dressed To Empress,and Revlon Hot Shot Cherry and they have also been discontinued.

A quick note,the name of this polish is a play on a line in the Canadian anthem ("With Glowing hearts,we see thee rise"...) With the Olympics coming up, on rain-soaked home soil,I know I'll be hearing this often. We Canadians rock at winter sports :) With 5 months of snow I wouldn't expect anything less.

...and just because I'm feeling patriotic here's "Oh Canada" by the pride of Enfield, Nova Scotia ,Classified.

Who else is excited about the Olympics?

Have an awesome day!
Ginger-loves the winter Olympics because I can't successfully do any of the sports. Except Curling.And possibly the skiing part of the Biathlon. Did I mention that I love winter?


  1. I love the color and typical for it to be dc'd!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better! I love the litte shimmer to this color. I cancelled my tv service several months ago so I am going to have to watch segments off the internet! I do love the winter one very much tho

  3. Oh I wanna be a Canadian! You lucky Canadian ladies! This polish color is beautiful on the nails.

  4. That is a neat color, and I am SUPER excited about the Olympics! Squeee!!!


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