Thursday, February 4, 2010

NOTD: Nfu Oh # 64

Just a warning,my mind is mush today so if any part of this post sounds incoherent/crazy I'm blaming it all on that. Or the fact that it's a day ending in the letter "y" . Ha ha.  Anyway, after purchasing four Nfu-Oh flakies (51,52,61 and 55) I decided to try a few of their holos. I will go on record and say that these are by far,the best holographic polishes I have ever tried. They're even better than my beloved China Glaze holos!
The one I chose for today is #64,a pink holo that leans slightly toward purple.

Take a look!

indoors under lamp

indoors with flash

Two coats,no base or topcoat. They applied well,dried quickly, plus, they're big three free. Awesome.

So yeah, I love these. I've used  #63 and #65 with konad,but I'll eventually swatch them on their own. Right after I finish Orly's Once Upon a Time Collection. 'Cause that's how far behind I am. 
It's a good thing I stopped buying polish when I did. My untried shelf is beyond ridicule.

Well, I  for one,cannot wait until this week is over! It started off badly,so it can only go uphill from here.I hope.

Have a  great evening!

Ginger-who is happily distracted from real life.


  1. Looks great!
    Love the color on you. =)

  2. Yeah, that's STUNNING. I've got some Nfu Ohs on my list, I will be picking up a few more soon! I was so impressed with my first three bottles. You're making me want the holos!

  3. Wow that is a great holo! I WANT :D

  4. Beautiful!
    I haven't mastered these with konad yet. They dry sooo fast! I'll have to work on my speed I guess. ;)

  5. This is blindingly beautiful. I don't have any holos from Nfu-Oh. I only own two so I should go buy some. I'm trying not to buy much polish. I'm even not reading the blogs much so I won't be tempted. I miss everyone though. I'm hooked on Facebook games right now so that's taking up the majority of my time. Your nails look lovely. I need sunglasses for the brilliance of the holo.

  6. This is now on my Nfu Oh wish list!! Looks gorgeous on you!


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