Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Love Gold!

Woohoo!!! We've finally won a gold medal on home soil!

 Canada has hosted the Olympics twice before. In 1976 Montreal was the setting for the summer games, and in 1988 it was Calgary's turn.We won several medals that year (including two silvers won by Elizabeth Manley and Brian Orser in men's and women's figure skating) but no gold.

Well,the curse was lifted  on Sunday night with one spectacular moguls run by Alexandre Bilodeau of Quebec. Naturally, I cried like a baby when he won, and was reminded of a similar victorious run made 16 years before (in Lillehammer) by another Quebecois mogulist Jean-Luc Brassard.

There must be something in the water.

Zoya Goldie seemed like an appropriate choice today. Now that Canada has shaken that "zero-home-wins" monkey of its back,we can all relax and allow the athletes to do what they do best. Kick a$$ :)


direct sunlight

Another thing I wanted to mention was how much I love "Iceman" Dale Begg-Smith, the moguls silver medalist from Australia. I couldn't help but notice how detached and "too-cool-for-school" he was.  For some reason I found it hilarious and couldn't help but smile every time I saw his cold,emotionless face.

There must be something wrong with me.

So what has been your favourite Olympic moment so far?

Ginger-who is surprised at how much Olympics trivia I've been able to retain over the years.
 I could write a book.


  1. I love this. It looks just wonderful on you! I haven't been watching the Olympics this year but I would have to say my favorite Olympic memory is the 1980 U.S. miracle hockey team. But that's because I love hockey!

  2. My favorite moment was the US hockey win also. I never watch hockey but I did that year. Glad I did. I hope we're victorious again this year. Ha, ha you hockey crazy girl! I've been wearing a China Glaze glitter that is gold with holo glitter. I forget the name but it's helping the US win medals. I also laugh at some of the participants. Kelly the snowboarder for the US and her tone deaf singing. I love Louie Vito also who's another snowboarder. I loved him when he was on Dancing With the Stars. I just think he's so adorable. The Winter games are my favorite also. Love the skiing, ice skating and oh all of it!


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