Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Could've Used A Little More Cow Bell...

Apparently,mittens aren't the only thing Canadian Olympic fans are crazy about. As an avid spectator of the winter games (from home,on my couch),I have noticed that one sound can be heard above all others during events. It isn't screaming (though there is plenty of that) and it isn't applause (who can clap while wearing those red mittens?). It's cowbell. When Shaun White was completing his amazing gold medal-winning run;cowbell.As Lindsey Vonn skied her way to victory;cowbell and last night,when Jon Montgomery won Olympic gold in men's skeleton; more cowbell. We can't get enough cowbell! In my opinion the cowbell is completely useless as a musical instrument (just don't tell that to the Beastie Boys or Blue Oyster Cult) But as an Olympic-level noise-maker,it earns an A+ for being both distinctive,and loud.

Speaking of distinctive and loud (ha ha),my mani for today is another Pollock-ized Konad using plate M70. The base colour is OPI DS Reflection,and the stamp colours are konad special polish in white,and China Glaze 2030.

both indoors with flash no base or topcoat.

By way of an explanation, one of the spectators told a reporter that the waving a cowbell to show your appreciation is much easier than clapping.Truth be told,I don't actually mind the cowbell.However,I do have an issue with the fact that whenever I hear it I think "All our times have but now they're gone..."  And then 'Don't Fear the Reaper' is stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

It's a good thing I like that song.

For your viewing pleasure,Christopher Walken's feelings about the importance of the cowbell (from SNL)

Have a wonderful day!

Ginger-who is probably going to have to buy red mittens on evilbay,now that Oprah has featured them on her show.Thanks a lot, O.


  1. Great mani, and I'm so glad SOMEONE is finally saying something about all those cowbells!! It's like all I hear when the Olympics are on - some cheering, some commentating, and TONS of cow bells! haha

  2. That mani is gorgeous, I have noticed the abundance of cowbells too!

  3. Brooke-Thank you :)I had to say something! Cowbells are taking over the Olympics-lol!

    Skye-Thank you :)

    Gildedangel-Thank you :) When I first heard them I thought, "is that cowbell?" .It's kind of odd.

  4. You know, I just LOVE Christopher Walken. He's amazing!
    Super cute mani, lady! I love it.

  5. I Love your blog. You are so hilarious! Oh, and your manis rock!

    Thanks for sticking up for our boy, Dale.

  6. Nicole-Thanks sweetie! I am a huge Christopher Walken fan! He's one of the best actors ever :)

    Dormick-Thank you! I don't know why everyone up here hates on him so much. I think he's awesome :)

  7. Love your blog!
    That mani is awesome, very stylish! <3

  8. I believe the cow bell thing started in Europe. I don't mind it on TV but I think I'd go insane if I was there in person. That's was an amazing run on the skelton. Looks so fun but very dangerous. Oh to be able to feel what that's like. Love the manicure and forgot to mention how pretty the Nefretti polish wash. Looks gorgeous. Amazing how Oprah can get all those mittens and there sold out other places. Don't you wish you had Oprah power?

  9. Lucy-Thank you :)I agree. My grandfather used to raise cows and I hated hearing the cowbell.Jon Montgomery did awesome! He has such a gregarious personality you can't help but like him.I would be terrified of the skeleton (and the luge) they're way too fast for me. I do wish some of that Oprah mojo would rub off on me.Maybe then I could get some darn mittens.


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