Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello All!

Today,I bring you a longtime lemming that I've finally attained,as well as my list of memorable Olympians
 (so far).

The winners (in no particular order) are...

1.Johnny Weir: Skates like a dream,dresses like Lady Gaga.

2.All of the snowboarders! They are by far,the coolest athletes at the games.So long as they remember where not to put their medals.

3.Auctioneer turned Olympic Gold medalist Jon Montgomery.Not only did he chug a celebratory pitcher of beer with his family,he mock-auctioned off said pitcher of beer for $1000.To himself.
I love it.

3.Norwegian skier Aksel Lund Svindal: Came back to win Olympic gold after a devastating fall 3 years prior to the games.

4.Ice dancer Tanith Belben: If they were ever to create an ice dancer Barbie,she would look just like Tanith.

5.Dale Begg-Smith: You know you're good when you can come back from injury and win. He was this-close to taking out Alex Bilodeau for the gold.

6.Lindsey Vonn: Won gold and bronze medals with an injured shin,and was infectiously enthusiastic when she won.

I can barely walk with a stubbed toe.

And now for the polish,

The lemming in question is Lippmann Nefertiti. I have wanted this colour for almost 10 years,(maybe more),but I never had a way to buy it. I finally found it on sale here a few months back,and bought it (along with 3 other Lippmann's I wanted).  It's basically a cool yellow-gold foil,and it's every bit as beautiful as I imagined it to be.

indoors with flash

So do you have any favourite athletes? I have many more than this, but I condensed my list to keep this post brief.

Have a great day!
Ginger-who is really enjoying the Olympics this year :)


  1. Your poor wittle toey! Amazing what those Olympic athletes can do when their injured. I'm an Apollo Ono addict. Watched him from his first Olympics. Even watched him on Dancing With the Stars. I also love skateboarder Louie Vito. Saw him on DWS and adored him. He couldn't dance but he's adorable. If I had more sleep I could tell you more names. I'm trying to record everything and watch it all. I heard Canada lost to the US playing hockey. Sorry (snicker, snicker). Hope your toe feels better.

  2. Gilded Angel-Thank you :)

    Lucy-I'm always banging my toes into things.I should be more careful. Apollo Ohno is adorable,and for that matter,Louie Vito is too.They both had great chemistry with their partners (I love DWTS too!)and
    Canada's loss to the US was just a temporary thing.We'll be much better next time ;)


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