Sunday, February 14, 2010

And Now For Something A Little Out of the Ordinary...

Hello All!
Believe it or not,this is my Valentine's Day mani. I have a vehement dislike for Valentine's Day because I reject the idea that loving sentiments must be represented by one day out of the year. In my opinion,if you don't celebrate your partner on the other 364 days, you shouldn't try to cram it all in today.

Perhaps I'm just bitter because I'm single this year.... *sigh*

Anyway, for today's mani I selected one of my favourite deep vampies OPI Midnight in Moscow as a base colour, konad special polish in white for the stamp, and plates M28 and M35 for the designs. It didn't turn out as pristine as I hoped it would,and the picture is not that great, but I really wanted to show you this. I hope you like it :)

Stay tuned,because I'll be kicking off my very first theme week tomorrow!
For the next 16 days here at Thing of Beauty,it will be all Olympics,all the time (with some polish thrown in too)!

Fun right???


Yes I am a nerd. But you already knew that didn't you :)

Have a wonderful day!!!

Ginger-who is immensely proud of Canada,especially after the awesome opening ceremonies.


  1. If i was single, I would have send myself lots and lots of presents...
    Preferably nail polish.. <3

    Looking forward to your Olympic nails. ;)

    And your mani is fun!

  2. Ginger, I love you anti Vday mani!!!
    I am Happily married to the best man ever and We do not celebrate the "holiday" because like you it seems un loving to make a huge deal once a year and not the rest of the year.
    My husband and I celebrate our love and appreciation for each other every day without exception. There is not a day of the year that we don't do our best to make sure that the other knows how loved, adored, and appreciated they are.
    I will gladly take my everyday of "You know you are the hottest chic alive, right?" and occasional little just because I love you gifts over one day of the year of murdered flowers and annual appreciation.
    Not to mention those poor un romantic people that try as they may will fail to meet hyped expectations. And the singles who are made to feel more alone than they really are.

    I'm spoiled on a daily basis and prefer it that way! :)

    Hugs to you Miss Ginger on this and every day!

  3. I LOVE THIS! I'm a clost Valentine Hater.

  4. Very cool. I'll be following. :)

  5. Great Anti-V Day mani! Maybe I'm a nerd too, but I am super excited for your Olympic manis, I am obsessed with the Olympics lol!

  6. Very Un-Valentine mani, I love it!!

  7. Ahh, I said it on Twitter, I don't particularly care for the day but I love the date as it's the first date I had with my wonderful man. Other than that I'm not enthralled with Valentine's Day!
    However, I LOVE YOUR MANI. It's so perfect.
    Haha, oh boy. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


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