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Hello All!
Today's swatch is OPI Absolutely Alice,but before I get into that I'd like to list the top 14 things I love and hate about the Olympics so far.

I Absolutely love...

1.Canada winning its first gold medal on home soil,courtesy of a spirited performance by Alexandre Bilodeau.
2. "Iron" Lindsey Vonn skiing to a gold medal with a bruised shin.Ouch, and yay!
3.Aussie Olympic champ Dale Begg-Smith. He might be aloof, but he's also the best at what he does.For that he earns my respect. Plus, he's cute.
4.Speed Skater Shani Davis. Four years after becoming the first African-American man to win an  individual Olympic gold medal,Davis soundly defends his title in the 1000 metre. Awesome.
5.Canada's fantastic snowboard cross team.1 Silver in men's by Mike Robertson and 1 gold in women's by Maelle Ricker. It's official.Canadian snowboarders rock.
6.The uniform worn by the Norwegian men's curling team (those pants!). Harlequin never looked so good.
7.Shen and Zhao finally winning Olympic gold in pairs figure skating.The perfect exclamation point to a long career.

And now the hate!

I absolutely hate...

1.That ugly gate in front of the Olympic torch.Way to ruin a good photo op guys.
2.The ubiquity of the official Olympic theme song.International viewers are spared from this,but if you're in Canada you hear it at least 25 times a day.And that's not counting cheesy video montages.
3.The "suits" blaming Nodar Kumaritashvili's death on "driver error". If it was his mistake why did organizers feel the need to fix the track? Unacceptable.
4.The weather.Why on earth are we on the east coast getting all of Vancouver's snow? Take it back! Please!
5.All the pressure the Canadian press is putting on our athletes to deliver medals. Instead of watching the athletes do their thing, we get to listen to all of the surmising,and assuming,and planning that the journalists do. It's annoying.This is the Olympics! Anything can happen. Just shut up and allow the athletes to compete in peace.
6.All of the wipe-outs I've seen. Women's downhill,moguls,snowboard cross,short track speed skating even figure skating has seen it's share of spectacular falls. I don't like it.
7.The fact that I'm Canadian and still have no idea what curling is. And I've played it twice!

I chose Absolutely Alice for today's mani because I adore it! You've already heard a million descriptions of it (blue,gold,gorgeous,glitter,blah,blah,blah...) so I'll spare you that and just allow you to marvel at its beauty.



All pictures indoors with flash 3 coats SV top coat.

So what do you love or hate about this years' Olympics?

Ginger-who is rooting for every country in every sport. Except hockey.I'm all about Team Canada when it comes to hockey :)


  1. Love the glitter! I am shocked at how many people are crashing on these courses, I mean these athletes do these sports as professionals; there should not be anywhere near this many crashes!

  2. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love this colour and it looks great on you!

  3. I won't even pretend to have watched any of the Olympics - but I did read your post and enjoy it! You're such a good writer.
    I loved both of the Alice in Wonderland glitters! They're stunning. I went to ULTA yesterday and I saw the display on a bottom shelf - the only thing left were the reds. Not surprising! I'd have to say this one is my favorite, though.

  4. Gildedangel-I'm wondering if it's the venues that are at fault,or the athletes themselves? It's unnerving to see all those crashes.

    Skye-Thanks hon!

    Nicole-Aww *blushes* thanks Nicole! This is my favourite too :) I did buy one of the reds though,as well as Mad as a Hatter.It was too different for me to pass up!

  5. I agree with your love and hates. Those Harlequin slacks will blind you. It scares me when I see all those crashes. I also hate Yuri (can't think of last name right now) and Russian president complaining about the silver medal. The quad wasn't as beautiful as that beautiful gold medal program. What idiots. I'm also complaining about so many darn commercials. Wouldn't it be nice to have none. Love that Alice polish. I own it also and just loved watching the light bounce off of it. Looks gorgeous on you.

  6. Lucy-Thank you :) I think as long as there are judged sports,the Russians will always find a way to blame any Western victories on bribery and political wheeling and dealing and not on what actually happened.Your guy skated better and should have won.Our ice dance team skated better and should have won.There was no need to "fix" anything.The performances speak for themselves.As for the commercials? I've started to watch online to eliminate them.So annoying.


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