Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why??? Why??? WHY???

...Is everyone setting me up to fail???

If I break my no-buy I'm blaming it solely on these guys, for deciding to sell Color Club polishes.
Please buy them all so I won't have to.

Love always,
Ginger-who is not impressed at the moment. *angry muttering*


  1. Would it help any if I told you that they are cheaper on VNS?

  2. Oh crap! I didn't know about these guys. Uh oh.

  3. I keep contemplating a no buy. But I know I could never do it. WHat happens is, I spend my bi-weekly allowance on polish, have two weeks to plot my next haul, and then am out of money the first day of the pay period. FML.

  4. I'm super excited about that! My wish list is getting longer and longer now that TD will sell CC polishes, hurray!:)

  5. I'm on a slow way down buy. I didn't do very well in January. I may go for a no-buy for Lent like last year.


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